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29 June, 2006

Stupid Man Returns?

With the Superman Returns movie and Spiderman 3 about to be released, some are wondering whatever happened to Stupidman. Actually, I don't rememebr if I called him Stupidman or Bakaman! Eitherway, I've forgotten where I left the story on my blog, or even if I wrote it for someone elses blog! Now, who is the stupid baka man after all? [Stop pointing at me, the question was retorical!] :-) Even though, in the last episode he leapt out of a building and his superhero power of not being able to fly killed him dead. Actually, it was the ground ... come to think of it, he survived the fall and was hit by a bus! Anywat, I'm sure we can revive him, exactly the same way DC comics brought Superman back from the dead. Let's face it, when DC comics killed Superman off, I thought it was a good idea. Not because I hated Superman, but lets face it, every story has a beginning, a middle part and an end. Superman was created ... well, a long time before I was born, in 1932. As his superheroism starts from then, he was obviously at least 20 years old (or older thanks to Relativity and his travel form a distant star). So today he'd be about 94 earth years old or older. Let's get to the point, they guy might have some ailments associated with older people. 'Lois! We'd I leave my cape?' 'Where's my tigerbalm?' 'Alzheimers? I don't remember contracting that!' 'Why won't this wheelchair fly?' At least with X-Men we have a progression along the way (at least in the comics), where some of them are from the future after Wolverine and the rest have died off. Of course, I have a slight problem with Stupidman. I killed him off in the first episode! Darn you Stupidman!!! Why weren't you smart enough to stay alive? Oh, that's right, you were STUPID! :-)