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28 June, 2006

More on the Football Saga

I'm happy for some more reasons today. First, FIFA have said the penalty was very dubious. Seems like everyone in the world is pretty much in agreement with the exception of a few Italian fans, Lippi and Grosso. I think this is all Australia really wanted, an acknowledgement that we'd been hard done by. Second, FIFA raised the Socceroos ranking from 42nd to 15th in the world. w00t! We rock! [I think we were ranked 44th at the start of the tournament] Third, they released footage of the Italians training where they were practicing taking dives. Like, anyone want to try to claim they don't practice that sort of stuff now? lol Apparently, Lucas Neil is still pretty upset by the entire thing. Inconsolable is the word the media keep using. I feel sorry for him. It's not his fault, he has nothing to be ashamed of and he's a damn fine defender. He did nothing wrong. I guess he has to go through the greiving phase in his own time. I wish there was some way to implant that in his brain. 'NOT YOUR FAULT, DUDE!' Would it have been possible for Australia to have won the match? Well, I've already stated that I think it would have gone to a penalty shoot out. There is one thing though, Lippi had used all his substitutes. He had run out of options, where as Guus still had two substitutes to use, and still had Kennedy and others on the bench to use. Tim Cahill thinks we would have won it in extra time. Knowing Guus, it's highly possible. Anyway, I'm just happy the world knows the truth, and the Socceroos have finally got the recognition and respect they deserve.