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12 June, 2006

Psyche and Eros - Part Eleven

Charon ferried them back to the other side. Along the way Psyche was sure she could hear someone speaking again.

'Alls I'm zaying iz Freud's ego and id encompass one half of ze pzyche, while the zuper ego iz ze udzer half.'

'Zat's stupid Fritz. Surely it should be divided into ze thirdz. One thirdz ego, one thirdz id and one thirdz ze zuper ego. Zat'show ze pzyche is made up.'

'Did you hear my name again?' asked Psyche.

'Nope, sorry. Not a word,' replied Charon.

'Why, what's your name?' asked the Clarinet guy.

'Psyche,' replied Psyche.

'Did you juzt call me psycho, Fritz?'

'Nots at all, Wilhem.'

'I zwear I heard zomeone called me psycho.'

'It wazn't me zen. Maybe itz zomeone elze.'

'Zere iz no one else here, Fritz. I'm gonna punch you onez in ze head.'

'Witz what? Yous a serpent, yous gots no armz!'

'I'll zink of zomethink. When yous least expectz itz, I'm gonna clock you in ze head zomezink awezome!'

'Yeah, sure. You and whoz army, ratz breath!'

'Ratz breath! I'll give yous ze ratz breath.'

The voices faded into the distance as the ferry reached the shore of the living.

'Out you get music boy,' said Charon.

'You haven't heard the last of me!' screamed the man with the clarinet. 'I'll come back. I've got friends you know. A whole big band of friends!'

'Yeah, yeah, way to scare the dead wind tunnel!' said Charon in return.

'You haven't heard the last of Benny Goodman ferry man!' screamed the guy as he wandered off.

'Man, he was pretty upset,' said Psyche.

'Aw, that's nothing. You should have been here when Glen Miller rocked up. He actually came with his band. At least when Glen tried to pay in oboes, he actually had two!'

Psyche thanked Charon and started her way up to the surface. Cerberus was missing from his post, and was actually running around on the surface chasing his tale. Psyche past the forklift with the giant leg still on it.

'Someone's gonna dig that up in a few hundred years and wonder how a huge ancient fossil got on a modern forklift. I'll let Carnagie Mellon University figure that one out.'

Soon, she came to the cave entrance. She looked left, looked right. The Starbucks had a giant dog doo on it's roof, but it seemed to be attracting more customers than ever. Let's face it, when some people need a caffeine fix, nothing will deter them, not even Cerberus' doggy doo itself!

Psyche was making her way back to Aphrodite's palace, when she decided to stop and have a little peak inside the box. After all, she reasoned, 'Why shouldn't I steal some of that beauty for myself?'

So, she opened the box, but instead of beauty, the infernal sleep leapt out at her and landed smack on her face.