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29 April, 2006

Out with the Old ... and a long wait for the NEW!

Last night my mother asked me if we were leaving at 9AM this morning. I said, 'I don't know!' Then she said, 'Well, make a decision, 9AM or not?' 'I don't know!' 'Okay, then WE ARE GOING AT 9AM tomorrow! Don't blame me if you're still tired!' So, I had been told! We were going somewhere this morning at 9AM ... I awoke at 7:30AM ... and then proceeded to lay about till 8:30AM ... when I suddenly heard my mother in the kitchen, and decided I better get up ... so I did! 9AM we were about to leave, and my mother decided we had to take my car. My brother Jeff wanted to take the other car ... because he couldn't be bothered swapping them around in the garage! I convinced him to let me drive. Where were we going? Shopping for a lounge suite. Good thing too, as we threw the other two we owned out. After going through a LOT of shops and stuff, we finally found a lounge we all could agree on. In fact, I found it first, and my mother rejected it as the colour didn't go with her curtains. Jeff tried it and liked it too. The sales lady explained (as was the case in every store we'd visited) that it can come in more colours than just the colour swabs which we left on them. So, my mother tried to lounge, liked it and went about selecting the colour from various books of swabs. We found a perfect match for the curtain colours, and I said we should take it ... only my mother wanted to see more swabs! It wasn't easy to find a lounge we all liked, as most aren't made for shorties like ourselves, and my mother's legs are a lot shorteer than the rest of ours. Anywat, I kept insisting that we take the swab colour which was a perfect match ... I'm not sure what my mother was expecting, but after inspecting a heap more swabs which weren't even close, she finally agreed with me. Then, she told me to go try sitting in the lounge. I told her I already did. Jeff and I had both already sat in it and agreed it was the best so far. She said she hadn't realised we'd sat in it. Huh? Not sure which planet she's on ... but geeees, that's annoying! So, my brother Jeff bought the lounge. While purchasing it, my mother made some joke about me and Jeff beating her up if she didn't do as we told her ... and Jeff took it personally, as he didn't find it funny. So, for the rest of the day he's been worried that peopel think he's a mother basher! My mother keeps trying to tell him to ignore it, as it was just a passing joke. Since throwing the other two lounges out, we haven't had a lounge to sit on ... and this one is going to take four to six weeks to get delivered! Funny, as I didn't want to throw out the lounge we were currently using, as I thought we should get a lounge first and THEN throw it out ... but, my mother and brother we so excited about a NEW lounge, that they threw it out on Tuesday night [read that as, my mother made Jeff and I throw it out]. We had Subway for lunch. I drove us home ... all the way, my mother was critisizing my driving and telling me to watch cars in other lanes. 'Watch out for that car, he might come across' - that sort of thing. It was very distracting, and I can't stand having people in my car doing that, as it's the sort of things which causes accidents! My brother's Television blew itself up a while ago, so he's given it to me. So when we got home,we opened it up to see if we could get it functioning. We couldn't find anything obviously wrong with it, so I'm going to take the two IC [Integrated Circuits] and other electronic parts outof it and see if I can make a robot from them ... well, one of the IC's is for PAL decoding and Video Processing ... so, it won't be too good for a robot. Unless that robot is a TV robot! :-) The other IC is a little mroe versatile, but still a TV type chip, so probably not much good for a robot, but I'll try to see if I can sus it out and see if it is of any good. Most likely not ... but you never know. Might be programmable, in which case it might be useful for what I want to use it for. I spent the day gluing my Warhammer models together. Actually, gluing my fingers together might be more accurate! ;-) We then had a game of 'Who Wants to be a Millionire' DVD edition. My mother was openly cheering my brother Jeff on against me. My mother got $1 000, my brother Jeff got $32 000, and I got to a kewl $250 000. I realised I couldn't answer the $500 000 question, so opted to take the money and run! Pity it wasn't the real thing! :-) I could do with the money. Then did the normal blog crawl of ... what is there now, forty or so blogs! Most from Malaysia ... gees, wonder if anyone in other countries have blogs? lol Just kidding.