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28 April, 2006

Some passing thoughts

When a girl asks you to go to a nudist beach, does that mean she likes you, or she just wants to have a good laugh? American Dad is a lot better than American Idol, and a lot less annoying. 86 US soldiers have committed suicide in Iraq rather than get shot by Iraqis. I'm not sure about you, but if you get to the point that you would rather kill yourself rather than be killed, is there much difference? Why not put your suicidal tendency to good use and become overly heroic? At least when you do get killed, people will say you were the bravest person they'd met.
I'm always amazed at some peoples refusal to accept reality or responsibilty. My mother's being really upsetting me lately. Mainly with her usual:
  • Tell me a story that happened WHEN I was there.
  • Tell me the news WHILE I'm trying to watch it on TV (as though her version is better than the one the newsreader is trying to tell me ... which I can't hear because my mother's talking over the top of it)
  • Ask me to do something, and even after I've said yes, continue asking me the same thing, and going into indepth explainations as to what she wants done.
It was during one of the last ones, where she asked if I would lift one of our dogs TOBY onto the tressle this morning. She asked last night, and I said yes. Then, she went on, about how she couldn't do it as Toby is too heavy. I kept telling her, 'I know, I'll do it for you.' BUT, she continued over and over and I kept saying 'YES!' In the end she went, 'Something is bothering you, isnt it? I can tell, as you're getting upset. You always get upset when you're worried about something.' LIKE, NO!!! I'm NOT Worried about anything ... I'm pee'ed off that you can't take YES for a friggin' answer. Of course, last time I explained that to my mother, she just insisted I was lying, and it was obviously something else that was bothering her! Arrrrrrrrrrrgh! Why are all my family TOTALLY MAD? And will I go crazy if I stay here with them????
I have NO idea what to do with my life! This is very depressing, as it's stupid that after 41 years of life (well almost 41 years), all the things I've wanted to do are constantly being blocked by people ... I think I want to go travellin again. Fold the business up, grab my passport, and just GO GO GO! Only, there is the lack of money, and the lack of knowing what to do when I get back! Life sucks!