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25 May, 2006

Phone Call From A Friend

You know, sometimes you lose track of time and everything. You get caught up in your business, your reading of blogs, and basically other trivial things. So it was, that about six months or more past between when I last spoke to my friend Kat. So, Kat phoned me. She's still in Sydney. I'm here in Perth. Apparently, no one in Sydney knows what happened to me, as I haven't sent many things that way since October/November. It was like I'd fallen off the face of the planet to them. So, she called. We talked about the usual things. She asked if I wanted to go back and work as a programmer, or even work from Perth as a programmer. She needed a programmer, someone who could program in PICK, and she thought it should be me. They're very short of programmers. No, I have other plans. I don't want to return to work for a company that treated me so bad. 'That's right,' she reminded me. I knew way too many of managements secrets. Management finds me scarey. Still, she thought they should employ me though. She thought they should give me some work, as she was being over worked, and she needed a programmer. She needed one bad! Tell me about it! I used to work there. Do I need a better reason not to return to being overworked and paid in pennies? Anyway, we kept talking, and she was very concerned that I STILL don't have a GF. I'm about to turn forty one, and I'm still being ultra picky and refusing to just date anyone. In fact, as our conversation turned to science, and I excitedly started explaining something about Einsteins theory of relativity compared to Newtons law of Gravity, she said, 'Do you talk to girls like that?' 'Um ... er ... not when I'm trying to pick them up.' 'Good, because if you start talking to girls like that, they're going to walk off. That's why you don't have a girlfriend. Girls don't want a guy who talks over their head.' 'I was talking over your head?' 'Yes!' 'Oh, sorry. I didn't realise that.' She went on to explain that she thinks I need to go out to a pub and just walk up to a girl. 'Um, yeah, but what would I say?' 'Just say "Hello", that's what I did to get C.J.' [C.J. is her BF] 'But, what if I go to a University Library and start talking to an intelligent girl who likes to talk about relativity?' 'Why would you want a girl like that?' 'I like smart girls.' 'Well, maybe that's what you need to do. But gees man, you've got to get out there and get a girl.' 'Why? I'm not in a rush. I've got time.' 'David, you're about to turn forty one! Just go pick up a girl.' 'But I haven't found a girl.' 'Yeah, you know why? We all thought you went to England! I know you, you'll never find a girl you like in Australia. You HAVE to go overseas! Why didn't you go?' 'Because I started my business.' 'Well, take your money and GO! Dont' wait for the girls to come to you! Just GO! Go!GO!!!' 'But, I can't. I have my business!' 'David, you're not listening. You don't want a girl in Australia, so you have to go overseas! So why are yo here? Do you have ANY girls you are interested in at all?' 'Well, yeah, they're all overseas though.' 'YES! So why are you here? Go to where they are! Close your business and GO!' 'But, if I close the business, then I have no job! I can't move to another country and starve just to get a girl friend!' Anyway, the conversation continued. She gave two reasons that she thought I ought to have a GF. First, she said I was handsome. [Yeah, old and fat sort of handsome! lol I gues sin ten years tie I'll look back at my photos and think I wasn't as bad as I think I ma now! lol] Anyway, she made me blush at that. Second, she said I wa a really nice guy! Well, that also made me blush, but, I've never known a guy to get a GF because he was a nice guy. Normally it's the opposite. I think I've blogged on it before, b@st@rds have better success at getting the girls, and they treat them bad, and the girls just keep going back for more. Always trying to change the guy into something they're never going to be. But, like I kept telling her, I'm not in a rush. Yes, I'm getting older, but I don't see that as a reason to just date the first girl who decides to go out with me. At the end of the night though, after talking for about three hours, I was feeling pretty good about myself. I had a friend who thought I was very deserving of a nice GF, who also told me I was nice and handsome. Not everyday someone says that to you! It made my night. Only thing I really need to do is avoid discussing anything interesting like quantum physics, relativity, et hoc genus omne with any girls I like. BUT, who do I really like? Sure, there are some girls I like , and they are all overseas, but that isn't a good enough reason to hook up with them. Not till I meet them at least. I am actually very much at peace with myself at the moment. I don't actually feel the NEED to have a GF just for the sake of having a GF. The GF thing is in the want category, and not the need category. [Where does that place her on Mo's heirarchy of needs?] So, it's sort of funny, as my friends are concerned I'm never going to get a GF. My mother and family are concerned. [When they're not calling me gay in some underhanded fashion]. So, why is it they all feel a great NEED to have me get a GF? It's funny, it's nice & sweet of them all ... but, it doesn't create the want in me. Lets face it, I love talking science sometimes, other times I like talking art. I'm interested in almost everything, and I've accepted the fact that I'm never going to get a GF who can talk abut all those things. I do like the good old deep and meaningful conversation, as well as the deep intellectual discussion ... you don't have to have a degree to do either of them, you just have to have a bit of intelligence and a willingness to disuss. Anyway, that phone call made my night! :-) I'm pretty happy after that! :-)