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26 April, 2006

You Know You're The Least Favourite When ...

My mother is still in a fowl mood. The only thing she's said to me all morning is, 'David, can you move your car?' Other than that, she's just ignored me. I waved to her when she drove off, but she didn't return the wave. Big question: What did I do to her to cause her to treat me this way? Well, as you can read yesterday, it might be that she just didn't get her way, then she decided to pretend that we were picking on her ... it's all just mroe bullstuff! I really get sick of it all. Anyway, here are some ways to tell if you're the least favourite of your parents.
  1. They throw you out of home to stop you from going to University.
  2. You get asked to FAIL subjects at school to help boost your elder brothers ego.
  3. Your siblings get encouraged to call you 'POOFTER' and other insults, but you so much as call them a 'fool' and everyone comes down on you like a ton of bricks.
  4. You get 'A's' for your subjects at school, but it means nothing. When your siblings do it, they get money for their good effort.
  5. You get published as a writer ... it means nothing to them.
  6. You are always being told you are never going to be anything.
  7. When you try to study, they constantly interupt claiming that you study too much.
  8. When you try to work, they constantly interupt with inane bullstuff [like what's happenin on TV].
  9. Your elder brother gets parties most of his life, you get one when you're eighteen. [And only because you nagged them into it ... eventually ...]
  10. Your father tells everyone you're gay .. even though you're not.
  11. Your elder brother gets all the encouragement he can want about his efforts to play in rock bands ... he never gets anywhere.
  12. You make it as a studio musician, as well as being in a few rock bands, but you're put down for your effort and it all gets ignored.
  13. Inspite of the fact that you own your own business and work at it, your family considers 'Unemployed' as you don't actually work for someone elses company.
  14. No one ever lifts a finger to help you, yet you are expected to drop everything when they need help.
  15. Inspite of all the work you do around the house, you are considered lazy and even made fun of.
  16. Your parents blame you that you were not born a girl, because that's what they wanted.
  17. When you were married, your father hits on your wife!
  18. Your mother likes to tell stories about you, embellishing them to make perfectly normal things sound like you're some sort of idiot.
  19. Your mother will tell her everythin which has happened during the day ... even though you were THERE at the time, she will tell the story as though you are hearing it for the very first time!
I could go on ... but even I'm sick of hearing me complain about it ... grrrrr!!!!! It's just so frustrating! It's like I've been placed in a box which doesn't fit, and when the sides rip, they just move me to an identicle box!!! Grrrrrrrrrr! ONEONEONEONE!!!!!!!!11111111111111!!!!!!! Anyway, my mother has gone for a few hours (I hope), so time to study and work ... the only time I seem to be able to!