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22 April, 2006

Today! Saturday the 22nd April 2006.

Yes, more to complain about. Once again my mother got me to WORK before I got to have breakfast or anything. My brother Jeff and I threw a lot of stuff out. Two TV's. Old Carpet. Blinds. A lounge (which we were going to swap the two lounges, but the rats/mice had pee'd and pooped all over the one in the shed ... even though it had been wrapped in plastic! In the end, my brother suggested we throw both our laounges away and buy a brand new one!) An old rusted barrel. A wheel barrow. An ironing board. A microwave oven. And heaps more. Most of the stuff doesn't work anymore ... ANYWAT, I got peed off, as somehow my mother stood there accusing me of not doing any work, when I'd done the majority of the work when she wasn't there ... then, she went away, and Jeff took off to goodness knows where, and I was left doing the work ... and I thought, 'why is it my mother always claims I am lazy, yet is never here when I'm working? Yet, as soon as she does turn up, Jeff is somehow here and working!!!' I think my mother has an idea in her head, and she can't seem to break out of it either, as I was working damn hard at one stage, andshe showed up, and she still didn't seem to see that I was the one working, while Jeff was talking to her! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Why do I bother? Anywat, I got them both back when I slaughtered them at scrabble and cluedo! [I love the fact that when I play cluedo I don't use the lists which come with the game, I just remember it all in my head!] :-)
My cousin (who had the wedding) and his wife Tiana visited us today. Was pretty kewl! I gave them a disc of the photo's we'd taken (and a video Jeff accidentally took) and they let me copy another disc they had of photos. I spotted another photo of Serena, and I suspect she might be a Muslim, as she was dressed in normal type clothing, but with her headdress on still. Well, that'd probably stop any relationship before it starts. Anywat, had a great time and plenty of laughs with the cousins [do I call Tiana my cousin now? I guess so!] :-) There is another paintball session coming up soon. My legs still not 100%. I was trying a liottle runnin today, and it's still not letting me run at all ... still pain, and doesn't work right ... I think it needs a lot more rest. Finally got some time to myself, tonight (after the scrabble and stuff) and am able to update this blog ... and hopefully search some others.