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24 April, 2006


Actually got my TAX done ... in Aussie, the financial year ends in July, and you have till October to do your personal tax ... but if you get an Accountant to do it every year, then you have till May ... which means I just got mine in before the deadline! lol It cost me $150, which was okay, as it was the same as last years. I will get $511 back, so that's a profit of $361 ... I would have all $511 if I wasn't so darn lazy and just did the thing myself ... which I might do. Being self employed most of my tax stuff would have already been done by the time I get around to doing it anyway.
Had an annoying start to the day though ... my sister and her hubby dropped their kids off yesterday ... so we've had three tiny terrorists running around the house none stop for the last 24 hours. They all want your attention all the time. It's enough to drive anyone bananas ... anyway, I got up, and before I had time to pee or ANYTHING, I was asked to help my nephew with one of the computers ... so I did ... then I raced off to pee (because let's face it, when you get up, you're usually in need of relief anyway ... and where is the first place we all need to go ... ) Well, th nephew needing help with the computer wasn't too happy, and another one tried following me into the toilet! 'Go AWAY! I'm TRYING to PEE!!!!' Then, came back, helped with the computer some more ... then, because I was in a rush to get to the accountant, I decided to take a shower ... only, my nephews started calling out to me, knocking on the door etc. 'Come back! Come Back!' 'Go away, I'm trying to have a shower!' I heard my mother take them away. Then, suddenly I heard her call me! I was so frustrated at not being able to take a friggin' shower in peace ... and the fact I was now running late! It made me feel angry a little, and I thought, 'Gees, I so want to punch the wall with my fist right now!!!!' but, I didn't of course ... that would have broken my hand! I ain't dumb! :-) When I got out of the shower, I realised my mother had gone ot the front of the house. She'd called as she wanted me to watch my nephews while she went to look at the stuff we'd thrown out on the weekend ... grrrrr! I grabbed my tax and ran out the door ... only realisin then that I hadn't combed my hair! Arrrgh! Back inside ... combed hair ... off to the accountant!
Anyway, we've had heaps of people coming around looking at the junk we've thrown out to be collected. It's funny, as they try not to look like they're going through your garbage. Other than my brother Jeff's two blinds, nothing of ours was taken. A lady did drop a stroller off the other day, and some guys came and took it almost immediately. I thought that was funny. She was pretending to be looking for stuff, and she pulled her junk out of her car and added it to ours. I thought, 'Geees, it's not like we'd tell you off for it. It's all going to the tip!' We thought someone had taken our old wheel barrow, but we found it a little while later ... someone had moved it underneath one of our pine trees out the front. Weird! So, back into the junk pile it went. When I arrived home from having my tax done, a guy was out the front with his Ute getting stuff, when he saw me arrive home and swore, raced back to his car and left! Weird! Like, we'd tell you off for stealing our garbage! Like, please take some of it, let us know someone somewhere is still getting use out of it. I feel a little let down though. Most of the charity places only take stuff that's in almost new condition now a days. So, even though our lounge suite was still in very good nick [other than the rat poo we'd cleaned off it and stuff], it's still going to the tip! I'm sure some poorer people [or Uni students ...] would have liked the lounge. Still, it hasn't been collected, so maybe someone will see it and take it.
People in Perth are without a doubt the worst drivers in Australia. I really get sick of the way most of them drive ... I have to admit, I miss Sydney drivers ... the traffic there was way worse, but at least most of the drivers could stay in their own lanes and didn't sit a foot off the back of your car.
ANZAC day tomorrow. [Public Holiday]. I need the sleep ... but I fear my mother has more ideas. She has lots of things she wants to do with this place ... some of them even contradict each other [like adding a room, a swimming pool, stuff she wants done for the yard ... and maybe even adding another house. I keep telling her it won't all fit!] Anyway, she's been discussing us making another fence, and cementing the driveway ... hope it doesn't need to be done tomorrow ... cause I need the sleeeeeep! ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!