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25 April, 2006

Mother in a moooood!

My mother was in a bad mood today! I got up, and she insisted we be patriotic and watch the ANZAC Dawn Service. Only, she'd missed it ... so she got a little miffed. Then, she decided to be annoying and stuff ... and so did my brother Jeff ... so I was getting pretty annoyed at both of them. Then they started arguing, and the dogs came to me for protection. I said, 'Don't worry, they're all mad.' Which I sort of meant as a joke, but that made my mother mad at me. She insisted Jeff was the crazy one, and wanted me to retract the statement. Then, she asked what we wanted to watch on TV ... and both Jeff and I said, 'Nothing. Why do we have to watch TV?' So, she turned it off and started to read ... out loud ... to annoy us! ARGH! Then, when she stopped, Jeff started to talk to me, and she started reading over the top of him again! I told her that she tells Jeff off for talking over the top of her, and that she shouldn't do that. She then got upset and said she was doing it as we wouldn't let her watch TV. I told her, 'No one is stopping you from watching TV. Watch it if you want.' 'No,' she replied. 'I'm reading a book. You're just trying to stop me from reading!' Then she made some comment that she's allowed to talk over the top of Jeff if she wants to! ARGH!!!!! So, she went back to reading her stupid book out loud! Then, she stormed off in a huff and went and had a sleep in her room. [We could hear her snoring away]. Then, Jeff started up. For some unknown reason, he was suddenly interested in what I can only call my 'missing years'. These were the ten years between when I was thrown out of home, till when I eventually started talking to my family again. [And some days ... like today, it seems like a big mistake!] Anyway, I was busy, so I really didn't want to talk about it ... but for some unknown reason, he's suddenly become very interested in knowing about it. Arrrrrrrrrgh! Eventually, my mother returned, but she was still in her mood. She wasn't talking to us ... and it really showed! I can tell you, I'm going to hear about this all week, how we somehow ruined her ANZAC day. I'm so friggin' over this sort of crap! Why can't I have been born into a normal family somewhere???? No wonder I always used to hope as a child that I was really an alien and that my real parents would one day come to get me! Those bastard aliens never did turn up to claim me! Argh!!!! Anyway, her bad moods usually puts me in a bad mood ... and somehow, she'll end up blaming me! The gist of her problem is she is bored and lonely, but she won't admit it. Anyway, I am tired and need sleep ... funny how someone elses bad mood effects the entire house!