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19 April, 2006

Bruised & Blistered!

Remember a few weeks ago when I couldn't walk and I spoke about playing paintball hurting my leg. Yep, I was just running along and the muscle decided to spasm and stuff and down I went in pain. Well, this is the bruise which materialised after the swelling went down. In fact, the bruise looked different on different days. I'm walking fine now, though I haven't taken my leg for a run ... well, i tried some accelerated walking yesterday when I was in the city, and I was still getting some pain and trouble from it, so I slowed down to a dawdle again. This photo doesn't come close to showing the actual amount of pain I was in! OUCH! Do you remember my mother asking me to rake up all the leaves and stuff on the verge? Well you should, it was one of yesterdays posts. [No, not the Eligable Blogger of the Year one!] Well, the raking caused a number of blisters on my hands, and this one on my thumb burts, leaving quite a hole. I have a smaller one on my left hand, but it's no where near as impressive. Anyway, I think you should read yesterdays post and do some of the questions. I'm dying to hear some witty responses! Stop taking the 'Most Eligible Blogger' post so seriously! :-)