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20 April, 2006

Thy Cousinth Wedding Parte The Secondeth!

Here is some shots of us before going to the wedding. This one you can clearly see the Unicorn on my left breast (whcih is on the right). I thought I'd bought white paint for the Unicorn, but it was glitter, which now sort of looks glittery yellow. I should get a better shot of it so you can all see it as it's supposed to look! [Otherwise Heddon will say it still looks like a sea shell]. Here is a great shot of my mother looking shocked.! Hee hee! In fact, this is the second shot. The first one makes her look even more shocked! My brother Jeff took them both! Hee hee! Here is Jeff, the Knight who says 'Ni' and a lot of other things ... then says some more ... won't shut up ... keeps talking ... doesn't make any sense, confuses himself and just won't shut the FRIG UP! ... oh wait, he's not talking in the photo! You'll have to take my word, he normally doesn't shut up! ;-) Remember how I said I didn't have any shots of Serena ... well, here is one of her standing right at the back of a photo I'd taken ... only she's looking away from us all. So we can't see her face! Oh well. Here are some more of the wedding guests. Esterina [blue dress] and her Beau David [to her left] are in the foreground with backs turned to us. I dont' remember anyone elses names! :-) Bodoh Dabido! These are off my mother's camera. I'll add more shots later ... especially the much anticipated steed they left in. :-) [aka the limo ... but, you still have to wait ... maybe tomorrows post]. :-)