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27 April, 2006

The Tribulation ... Getting Closer by the Minute!

Some Old Pictures put up on my Tabulas Gallery. Yeah, you've seen most of them before. [Or all of them before].
The Australian Govenment is introducing a 'SMART CARD' into Australia. Everyone opposed this thing once before considering it Nazi tactics. Well, now they GOvernment is saying that it isn't compulsory, BUT, if you don't accept it, you can't get medical treatment or welfare benefits. In otherwords, reject it and DIE DIE DIE!!!! The Prime Minister claims it isn't a TROJAN HORSE to introduce a new Australia Card type thing ... of course it isn't a Trojan horse JOHN, this is a frontal friggin' assault!!!!! Once introduced, the Government will claim it's no different to having an Australia Card, and it'll all become the defacto anyway ... so it IS THE AUSTRALIA CARD. For anyone who is a Human Rights advocate, it smacks of a 1984 controlled state. For religious leaders, it smacks of the tribulation. The term Tribulation means a 'Narrowing of the way' ... and when you find that your choices are being reduced to nothing by these sort fo Government tactics, then it truely is a narrowing of the way. The Government claims it is to combat fraud in the welfare system ... but, when they suggested it once before it was to combat terrorism ... and the one form the 1980's ... well, we never were told why we actually needed that one. It is all Government properganda. The welfare system in Australia is very tightly controlled, and if the Government was doing it's checking on people's backgrounds correctly, then we wouldn't have any welfare cheats. In fact, most of the criticism of the smartcard comes from the fact that it is insecure and won't actually stop the welfare cheats at all. Some people have suggested that it is so insecure that it will actually make it easier for welfare cheats, terrorists and others to cheat the system. Once again, it is about Big Brother type tactics in order for the Government to regulate people's lives and remove freedoms and choice to the people. The pot is slowly being brought to the boil, and the lobsters are too stupid to realise it, as they're not at the bottom where the water is already boiling!