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18 April, 2006

It's the 18th

Yes, today is the 18th of April. My last post was the 13th ... but did anyone come here saying 'Update! Update!' No!!!! I'm very upset! :-) Well, not really. hee hee I think this is the longest I've been without an update since I started blogging. Basically, I was doing family easter type things, as well as working today, followed by me going into the city to buy some stuff, and return some cello books to the music library. I was planning on doing an animation of Jesus kicking the stone away from his burial chamber and having ten Roman soldiers go flying like bowling pins ... but, I just didn't have the time! Waaaaah! Maybe next year. Anyway, now you know what I had planned and didn't do. Isn't life like that, you make plans, and you don't get around to it, and then there is no time left! Brief summary of my last few days: Friday - Ate hot crossed buns. [First bread I've eaten in ages] Spent time painting up my Warhammer High Elf army. Mainly chariots and some mages. Spent time with the family. Saw 'The Passion of the Christ'. Saturday - big family arguments and stuff. My mother went beserk trying to get us to do housework and fix stuff around the house. I still have the verge to rake up tomorrow. Funny, my mother couldn't take 'Yes' for an answer on that one. 'David, will you rake the verge up on Wednesday' 'Yes' 'David, will you rake the verge up on Wednesday' 'Yes' 'David, will you rake the verge ... ' 'Yes' 'David, will you rake the verge ...' 'Yes' 'David, will you rake ...' 'Yes, I said Yes already!' 'But I don't want you mowing it, I want you to rake it all up and I want you to rake it in a specific way.' 'I said Yes already. Okay?' 'But I want you to rake it up. And I want you to put it where I am pointing.' 'Yes, fine.' 'No, look where I am pointing.' 'Yes, I am.' 'No, look where I am pointing.' 'I did!' 'Where did I point?' 'Behind the bushes in the garden.' 'Yes, but I want you to put it where I am pointing.' 'I already know where you want it.' She walked off in a huff. An hour later we had the same conversation, only I was a little more pee'd off by it and told her to stop asking me. Is everyones mother like this? I wonder if it's some weird insanity that runs in my family. If it's not, then it's certainly sending ME insane! Waaaah! Sunday - Family HELL day. My mother asked me if I was going to do the verge on Wednesday again ... about five times!!!! Took the easter eggs and stuff over to my sisters. We arrived early, as my sister asked us too. I spent time with the nephews. Had three of them hanging off me at one stage, the eight year old on my back, the 3 1/2 year old in one arm, and the 2 year old one in the other!!! OUCH!!!! Heavy! Not that they care, they were having fun killing their uncle. :-) We sat down and played Billionaire for a while, as we were waiting for my other brother's family to arrive. Eventually they did. We all had fish and chips for dinner. [Fattening]. Now, the ugly part of the whole thing ... the nasty family politic stuff. My mother sent Jeff and I to the shops early in the day to get drinks and nibblies etc. I was entertaining the nephews at the time, but my mother insisted I go with Jeff. Basic assumption from both Jeff and myself was that my mother was going to bad mouth us behind our backs. My mother had got pee'd off with my attitude apparently. [Always saying 'YES' I think!] Plus, we had another incedent on Saturday, when my mother came to give me a detailed blow by blow report about the football [Aussie Rules] which I have no interest in. Some of you might remember that I keep telling my mother I'm not interested. Well, same thing happened, I told her I have no interest in football, and she went balistic at me! So, she had plenty to complain about apparently. NEXT, my sister spent most of the time putting my brother Jeff down. Something my mother noted. THEN, after my other brother and family arrived, my sister changed targets and my sister and other brother deciced it was 'put mum down' time. Mainly this was my sister. My sister turned to me and asked, 'David, did't mum hit us when we were kids.' I said, 'Yes.' Simple, because, well, it was true, both our parents used to hit us. My mother gave me a look like daggers. Like I'd stabbed her in the back, but, what can I do, I had answered the question truthfully. Anyway, my sister then went on to use the fact that my mother used to hit us as an excuse for why she hits her kids. I think it's wrong to hit kids at all. After all, if you're the parents, then you should know better. Hitting kids is a sign you've lost control of the situation. So, really, you're punishing your kids for your own problem. [Yes, go get a parenting course if you're havin problems. I'm not claiming everyone is perfect and can handle every situation ... just, don't hit your kids if you're not handling them ... go learn to handle them.] Anyway, they also had a 'mum's so fat' session and stuff. End result, when we got home, Jeff and I had to listen to mum complain for two hours over HER treatment at the hands of my sister and other brother. It really was HELL in one way, but Jeff and I got to re-live it ... thankfully, when the 'mum hitting us' bit came up, my mother didn't aim it at me, she admitted that she's made mistakes in her life as a parent. Yes, she was 100% correct. I don't blame her for that. Of the two of my parents, I can understand my mother hitting us when we were bad (as she only did it when we'd done something wrong). She shouldn't have hit us, but at least she can see the error now that she's learnt more about parenting. My father on the other hand used to use any excuse to belt into us (believe me, getting the strap wasn't fun. That man left welts on my behind because he used to hit so hard). Anyway, his usual excuse for hitting me was, 'Something I didn't catch you doing.' In other words, I hadn't done anything wrong, he just wanted something to beat into ... a thirty year old man getting his jollies by beating a six year old kid for no reason isn't a fair fight. ANYWAY, when my family starts to attack each other like that, defend their own inadequacies instead of fixing them, and just bringing up bad memories gallore, I just wish I'd never left Sydney. I just wonder if this is a fair situation to find ourselves in. On top of that, my mother is scared that my elder brother might come over here from Adelaide, simply as he wrote, 'See you soon' in the birthday card they sent her (which was almost a moth late ... pttth!) Anyway, she doesn't want him coming over, and she keeps inventing sceanarios where he's going to turn up on our doorstep and all hell will break loose. She was sure it was going to be at Easter ... now she's sure it will be the ANZAC day long weekend. It's crazy!!!! I wish she could stop ... but, I guess she can't! Monday - du to the mood in the house, I thought it better to spend more time with the family and stuff, so I didn't get on my computer to do anything ... thus the lack of update yesterday. Spent the day painting my Warhammer Brettonian Knights. Tuesday - today ... read above ... work, into city, blah blah. So ... how was your Easter?