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12 April, 2006

Cravings ... for ... fast ... food ...

I have this weird craving for a Cheese and Spinach pie. The worst thing about this, is I don't actually LIKE them that much. I haven't had one in AGES, yet the craving still persists! Does it mean my body craves spinach? Or is it craving dairy products like cheese?! Waaaaah! PLUS, cheese and spinach pies are FATTENING! Like, the last thing I need is to get any fatter. At present I could stand on one end of a battleship while Cher entertains the troups at the other end, and I'll still end up making the ship sink at my end! Waaaah!
I haven't got my mother's photos of the wedding yet, so I'll just have to talk about the wedding soem more with no photos. Some interesting people & events at the wedding. First of all, my Auntie Judy and Uncle Dave went. They haven't spoken to my Grandmother (Nana) in many years, as my Aunt Judy tries to control and manipulate everyone as though she's the Queen. [The phrase, 'She thinks she's the Queen of England', is often said by people in my family in reference to her]. Anyway, the real short version of this tale is this: 1. My Aunt and Nana are talking again. 2. My Uncle thanked my mother for her part in getting them talking again. 3. People are already complaining that my Aunt is trying to manipulate my Nana again, whcih is why they stopped talking in the first place. [In fact, it was suggested that Nana might cut her off again and refuse to talk to her ...] It was interesting that Nana didn't recognise her at first without a hat on, as she'd never seen her with grey hair! Another person we ran into who was a blast from the past, was my cousin Clifton's mother, Kerry. It was sort of niceto see her again. My last memory of her was when she asked if I was 'trying to be one of the Beatles' because I was growing my hair when I was about eleven years old. Now, Kerry's cousin Julie was also there and has a weird connection with my family. My Uncle John used to date her BEFORE he dated Kerry. The reason for the Uncle John and Julie break up was this: My Uncle John bought Julie over to our house for a visit. While my mother and Uncle were in the kitchen, my father (being the arsehole that he was), stuck his hand up Julie's dress and basically hit on her. Julie didn't do anything about it. My mother walked in while it was happening ... result, John and Julie left immediately, my mother and father had a massive arguement over it all. So, Julie was at the wedding, and of course my parents are divorced and everything, so my father wasn't there. All through the reception Julies making weird/stupid comments regarding me and my mother. Twice my mother informed Julie that I was her son, NOT her second husband. Julie kept giving me dirty looks and making sexual comments regarding me and my mother. Then she made some comments about me chasing my mother around in a thong, and I said to her, 'Why would I do that to my mother?' My mother AGAIN reminded Julie that I was her son, and NOT her husband. The stupid girl blushed and after that she didn't make stupid sexual comments and had even stopped giving me dirty looks. I embarrased her again later in the night when someone mentioned she could speak Japanese. She gave us some explaination that she did Karate for a few years, and as such could understand fluent Japanese, though she was bad at speaking it. Being me, I immediately thought, 'Kewl, someone to talk Japanese to', and as such, I immediately said to her, 'Osaka Ben Ga Wakara Hen.' She was like, 'Huh?' So I translated for her. It become apparent that her Japanese is a lot less than mine (and I never claim I can speak or understand it fluently), so I think she thought no one could speak it. [Unless of course having meet someone who can speak the language automatically makes us fluent ... in which case, think of all the languages we can all speak!] :-) Anyway, she was alright after that. Everyone seemed very pleasant and everything. Anyway, I wasn't completely happy with the table I'd been sat at. For one, it consisted of all the sixty year old people, with the exception of my brother and a cousins from the brides side & his wife. The cousin and wife soon left and joined another table. So Jeff and I were with the over sixties. Of course, my mind was one another table which had Serena at it ... only, I had no reason to go to that table, as I didn't know anyone there! OUCH! As I said in a previous post though, as soon as they announced the rennaissance dancing, I was over to Serena in a flash and asked her to dance. That's enough about Serena in case Kenny thinks I'm in love again! Anyway, we had rennaissance dancing, which was followed by all the inane speaches etc. My cousin Clifton was a real good host, getting around and seeing that everything was good. My Uncle Dave kept shaking his head at me drinking Johnny Walker scotch. Not sure what his complaint was, it's the first drink I've had since my mother's sixtieth birthday (which was over a year ago). I really don't drink that much ... the 375ml bottle of sctoch wasn't enough to get me drunk anyway. [I don't drink to get drunk]. When they ran out of coke, I had to have a Scotch and Lemonade! That's the basic dirt and everything. Not much else to say other than we all seemed to enjoy it all ... though, I'd still rather be in Sydney!!! :-)