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10 April, 2006

Thy Cousinth Wedding [Parte The Firste]

Ye Verily with greetings and salutations oh Lords and Ladies of the realm. Welcometh to thy Cousinth Prince Clifton's Wedding to young Nubile Princess Tiana. In the picture belowth, we see the Lords and Ladies arriving for the festivities. In the fore groundth we see-ith my Bro in Law Kim, my sister in-law Nerali, and young Esterina [whom you might recall wasth the Herald whom came to announceth the wedding ... some sayth she is one nut caketh! (but she's a very nice person)]. In picture next, we findeth my Aunty Judith, and my mother Lady Jeanette. The young Prince made a brief PRE-WEDDING appearance beforeth the nuptuals commenceth. [I think giving instructions to some people]. Mia Familia, [my family] from left to right, my Brother Sir Paul of the crude joke, my youngest brother Sir Jeff of the bottomless stomach, my sister Lady Angella of the many kids, her husband Monsenior Monk Kim the uncelebate with lots of kids, and my sister in-law (Paul's wife), Lady Nerali of the frizzy hair department ... or something like that. Same sort of thing, only this time, Paul took the picture and Sir Dabido [me] of the never ending comment has replaced him in the picture. [You can't see my Unicorn in this one!] Justine, the violinist. He played many a rennaissance, medieval, total evil tune to our delight. Well worth whatever they paid for him. A quick look at the wedding area. It's called 'The Rose Gardens', but not one rose was growing there ... good thing I got to meet Serena, whom I think is a rose. [But dont' read too much into that!] More of the carousing Lords, Ladies and pretend monks. Notice far right, Ashley dressed as Frodo Baggins ... and they didn't even let him carry the ring for fear he'd run off with it and throw it into the cracks of doom! My Nana, Lady Doris (aka Dot). Matriarch of the Elven clan (yes, you might remember that my mother's side of the family have the surname ELVEN ... we are descended from Elves, which explains the fact we are all short arses!) ;-) More Lords and Ladies ... though Dom looks like he's escaped from the Matrix with his get up. The Groom and Besteth man appeareth. They had a lot of steps to walk down. The Marriage Celebrant and the Soloist. Waiting for the bride. [Never take a photo into the sun, else it looks like God is shining on everything.! ;-)] The Bridesmaid appears at the bottom steps. Looks like a Female Frodddddooooo! ;-) The Bride Lady Tiana appears. [I just realised something about this photo ... Serena would be in it ... except she is RIGHT behind seom people at this point! Bwahahaaa! No photo of Serena to show you all! Silly me!] The vows! Most important ... don't fall asleep King John. Celtic binding ceremony. I wish the camera was still operating after this, but alas, it stopped! Waaaah! Doesn't matter, my mother has more on her camera ... more photo's to come! ;-) Here, Nana ties a blue ribbon to their arms [blue represented something ... faithfulness I think ... or just blueberry ice cream ... something important]. Anyway, the wedding continued after my camera's failure, and about six ribbons in all were tied on the couple. [Not as sexy as fluffy handcuffs, but probably not as scarey either!] :-) Hopefully, I will get my mother's camera soon, and we can have a look at the photo's she took (hopefully it will include a photo of Serena somewhere), plus, you really do need to have a look at the steed which carried them away to the reception! ;-)