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09 April, 2006

Pre-Wedding & a Little About the Wedding.

As you may know, it was my Cousins Clifton's wedding yesterday. For those who remember, I stuck the photo of Esterina on the website before when she came around dressed as a squire to read the invitation and everything. Well, they took that costume, and they stuck it on a dummy they'd made (not me). This is it prior to being set up. Anyway, they put the dummy at the entrance to the wedding reception with a speaker inviting everyone in. :-) They then stuck fairy lights all over the clothes line. It looked great at night at the reception. :-) They also put up some metal dragons and other things. I'm glad I took this photo the day before the wedding, as you couldn't see them at night. This is the Marquee they put up to house all the wedding guests. It's a little empty at present. ;-) This is it from another angle. On the night it was full of tables and chairs and stuff. :-) Meanwhile inside, I got to see all the mugs and cups and stuf they'd snagged from all the local op-shops for us to drink out of. I sort of felt a little dirty drinking out of a tankard that might have been ... well, goodness knows where!!! But, they certainly made the feast seem medieval. ;-) My Nana's birthday was on the same day as the wedding, so we had a small celebration before hand. My now cousin in law Tiana bought an ice cream cake for nana, and we all had a slice. :-) This is Nana. She's 86 years young. :-) My cousin Clifton was still making things the day before the wedding. He constructed four thrones fo the bridal party to be seated at. ;-) Here is the one he had finished while I was there. [I might add, I wasn't helping at all ... just bumming around a bit.] ;-) Here is my mother talking to my cousin Clifton as he's making the other three thrones. His hands are sort of blue from painting the first one. More photo's to come, as I want to talk about the wedding. Actually, the main thing I'd like to talk about, is I met a really nice girl names Serena. I got to dance some Medieval dances (a Pavan, and two other sorts). It wasn't easy on my leg (as you know I'm still injured!) , especially the dances where we had to skip and hop around. Anyway, from the moment I saw her, I thought she was really cute. I hope I didn't give her to many weird stares while at the wedding. I think I might have looked deep into her eyes once or twice, or three or four times during the night ... silly me. It only occurred to me later that maybe I was looking a little stupid or doe eyed! My mother asked me in a 'knowing sort of a way' if I'd met anyone new. I said, 'Oh yeah, a few new people'. Maybe I ws being too obvious or something ... after all, as soon as they announced that Dancin was about to start, I headed from my table straight over to the girl, and asked her if she would dance with me. My brother and Aunt Judy were behind me most of the dance time, so I didn't make any moves on her. Last thing I wanted was family interference if they decided they didn't approve. I jsut kept thinking, geees, how am I going to see this girl again, I have no pen to write my name and phone number down with, and I don't have an up to date business card! Arrrrgh! I didn't want to say anything to obvious in front of the family. Otherwise, I might have asked her for her details, or later (as she left early) I could have asked Tiana or Clifton for her details. But ... I guess those are the breaks. Stupidly, I should have asked how she knew Tiana & Clifton ... but I didn't. I just made stupid jokes all through the dances and stuff ... and she was polite enough to laugh at them, and she has a wonderful smile. She has a perfect Aussie accent, so I assume she grew up here. She looks like she might be Indonesian, or Malay, or maybe even Burmese or something. You know, the Southern / South West Asia pacific /Indian Ocean type of looking person. She wasn't too much shorter than me either. Damn! I better stop talking about her, otherwise you mith think I'm in love or something. Anyway, after I got home, I suddenly realised that I could have used the pen at the 'Bridal Book' to write my name / number etc. Frig! Frig! Frig! Why did my brain kick in after I got home? Stupid ME!!!! It's weird, as I didn't do my normal choke thing, where I run away from the girl ... instead, I was more conscious of the family all being around! I wonder if that means anything ... Now I have a dilema! How will I get to meet her again????? Or worse, does she like me? Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!