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24 November, 2005

Soooooooooo tired!

So tired after another tiring day. Going to bed early too ... yes, I am. Started the day being awoken at 5AM. I know I said I was going to bed at 11:30 ... but I didn't. I was using the circular saw in the bathroom, and forgot to clean the mess, so 11:30 last night I suddenly go, 'Oh yeah! Have to clean the friggin' bathroom' Main reason to clean too, is the wood is made of that stupid sawdust/plastic glue combination, which means the sawdust from the wood sticks to things once it gets a little wet and becomes hard to remove. Made it to bed after midnight. Got too cold with the fan on, so woke up, at 2AM, turned it off. 2:30AM, woke up, way too hot, also needed to pee. Found heaps of spiders running around the house (because of the carpet being ripped up and the furniture being moved). Vowed to myself to spray some surface spray before my mother gets back (she refuses to use the stuff, as she still thinks it's all arsnic. I keep telling her, 'NO, they now use nerve agents - same stuff they use in chemical warfare to kill humans and give them psychological problems!' For some reason she still doesn't want to use it!) Anyway, way too many creepy crawly bugs around the house. My brother mader so much noise he woke me at 5Am. He usually likes to wake mum up, but she isn't here! She's in hospital! So he made enough to wake me up. I pretended to be asleep still! :-) I got out of bed at about 8:30AM - Saw to the dogs etc and raced off to see my Business mentor at a 10AM meeting. Raced to my sisters to give her two book my mother wanted while she is in hospital. (Because my sister was going to th ehospital before me). I raced home, as a lady was delivering something for my mother today. I phoned her the other day to say I would be home after 11AM ... she said fine she'll come then ... she never turned up!!! PPPppptttthhh! Spent a lot of time laying more floorboards etc. Have started using an old Sydney University Top to help batter the boards into place. My mother has always hated the to as it's falling to pieces, and I keep wearing it! Bwahahahaaa! Anyway, she keeps telling me to get rid of it and she never wants to see it again. Today, I accidentally got it caught between two boards I'd bashed together. I tried to prise the boards apart to remove it ... but alas, the boards were just hammered in too tight. So, that shirt my mother never wanted to see again ... she'll see everytime she looks at those floorboards! Bwahahahaaa! [I swear, it wasn't intentional!] My poor back and knees couldn't take much more. I raced off to another business meeting this afternoon. On the way back, I bought and organised for airconditioning to be placed in my mother's room (and in mine as well ... I can't survive the summer nights here any more if they get too hot. Two summer here has almost killed me!) I figured my mother would need the airconditioning once she is out of hospital. Got home, tried to do soem more with the floor boards, but my POOR KNEEEEES! ARGH! My brother arrived home and we went to see my mother in hospital. Spent two hours there cheering her up and stuff. I made her laugh and stuff, and got told off. I tried, 'But I wanted to keep her in stitches' joke, but no one laughed ... or the second time I said it! darn! Anyway, I made her laugh and she said she was feeling much better since our visit. She'd been vomiting earlier, even though they'd given her anti-vomit medication. (Which is funny, I've been given injections to stop me vomiting before, only to have me vomit everywhere! Must be hereditary! Or the 'vomit injections' are supposed to make you chuck!!!) :-) Jeff and I stopped by Hungry Jacks on the way back. I had to order my Vegie burger to be made in the round BUNS specially for me, as those BAGLE things are awful! Now I am feeling sick and I have to go make my bed (as I did all my washing today) and it's 11 PM and I'm tired and I have to be up at 6AM ... blah! I feel sick! Oh, here is something funny - I have been trying to get the dogs used to the new floor boards, but they hate them. It's slippery for them, and it's funny to watch, as I put them on the floorboards, and their little legs go in every direction. It's like watching someone learn to ice skate for the first time. :-)