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23 November, 2005

Update - Mother's Operation.

Sorry, didn't have time to do much writing today. Early start - up at 5 Am. Took mum to Hospital for her Hystarectomy. The Doctor refered to ME as my mother's husband. My mother had a good laugh and told him i was her son. The Doctor then said, 'Oh sorry, you look more mature with the beard. I didn't realise you were still a teenager' WTF???? My mother then pointed out that I wasn't a teenager, I WAS FORTY YEARS OLD!!!! The Doctor looked amazed! He looked me up and down a few times and I could see the wonder in his brain ticking over. Maybe I shouldn't be too surprised, I was mistaken for someone in their twenties a few weeks ago. My family have the two advantages of looking young as well as being short, which means we are alwys being mistaken for younger than we are. [I might add, it was a curse when I was younger. Wasn't allowed into a pub till I was twenty one, and most bounces thought my ID was fake till I was about twenty four]. They discovered my mother was running a temperature, and waited to decide if they would operate. Then the nurse came to get her for the op. and found she wasn't preped or anything. They shoved her into a bathroom and made her shave herself, get into a hospital gown and stuff. They still weren't sure if they would operate. So I had to wait. Eventually a nurse told me I could go. [If they were not going to operate, I was going to have to take my mother home - that was why I had to wait]. Was completely tired exhausted etc by the time I got home. THEN, I started on installing the wooden floor for my mother. PICTURES LATER. (Yes, I took pictures) First, empty the lounge and dinging rooms of all furniture and stuff. A BIG JOB for one man. Second, sweep, vaccuum and generally clean the surface. Third, lay black plastic. Fourth, lay underlay Fifth, start laying floor boards and completely F*K some of them up in big ways. Sixth, at 5:30 PM, collapse in a hepa on the ground. Seven, at 6PM, have youngest brother arrive home. Have him agree we need to use other brothers saw and work bench. Eight, Go to Younger Brothers house with wood to be cut. Nine, brother not home, spend time talking to sister in-law about my mother's operation (yes, I had phoned through by this stage. Mother doing fine!) Ten, younger brother arrives home - decidce too late to saw wood, borrow the workbench and saw instead - load into car. Eleven, phone mother in hospital and have a good chat - note, need to take books in for mother tomorrow sometime., Twelve, arrive home - it's 9:30PM, have dinner. Thirteen, Very Very Very tired. Read a few blogs. 11:30PM Go to bed. NOTE: Thanks to all those who prayed for my mother etc. Much appreciated. Background note: For those who may not remember, or are not usual readers, my mother had soem pre-cancer cell and had to go back to hospital to have bits removed. Operation went well - all seems fine. She's a bit peeved that they haven't given her TV yet, and she can't find the person to sign the form to let her watch it. Time to brush teeth and get to beeeeeeeeeeeeed. So Friggin' Tired!!!!