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20 November, 2005


I know in my reply to Straymana's comment I said I wasn't blogging tonight, but ... I changed my mind. Mainly as I found there wasn't that much being said out there tonight, and I lost interested very fast. Warning, today's is just a rant to remove some unwanted frustration! Today, very frustrating day. My mother was in one of her moods. It basically came down to the fact that she wants her floorboards put in, and we haven't started. We haven't started for two reasons, first, we are doing it when she is in hospital, so that there will be minimal disturbance to the household etc. Second, my brother in law has the equipment we need, and we haven't been able to contact him yet. All day, my mother kept on complaining that we were procrastinating and should ahve had the carpet chucked out, the cement cleaned and prepared and the floorboards ready to be done ... which is impossible with her sitting in the lounge watching TV. So, she went on her usual attack of me. Something I've faced all my life. First she tells me I am lazy, tells me I never do anything, and accusses me of being a mysoginist. ALL because I didn't drop everything and get her floorboards in NOW. [Which, mind you, she admits I can't do till she is in hospital!] She then wanted us to stop what we are doing in order to entertain her. Scrabble? TV? Anything as long as it involves her!!! How am I supoosed to run a business if I have to put up with this? THEN, she can't deciced if she will be in need of help when she comes out of hospital. Well, we all knows she will, and she keeps mentioning it over and over and over (you get the hint) ... BUT, if I mention I am going to do something for her, she tells me I'm an idiot and says she will be perfectly able to look after herself when she returns home. Then ten minutes later, she is telling me I have to do everything for her once she is out of hospital! It's DRIVING ME NUTS!!! She also had attacks on my medical conditions! I'm really beginning to hate peopel for constantly doing that. Mainly, as they like to use the conditions as something to ridicule when they feel like it. Mainly in the form of them telling me I don't get affected by them or other things. The funny thing being that I feel like chucking everywhere today. It must have been something I ate I think. The weather is now turning hot, apparently if you beleive my mother, that's my fault too. Except when she's in her mood for taking credit that she predicted the weather ... like, yeah, it's almost summer and it's geting HOT! Great prediction mum! Then she really annoyed me. She told me I had to pay for the next electricity bill (as the hot weather is all my fault and I am hogging the air conditioning by sitting in front of my computer ... my study is at the front of the house, the airconditioning unit is at the back!) Anyway, I pointed out that I paid for the electricity anyway. I didn't even split the bill last time. It came to $180 and I gave her $200 ... she tried telling me I didn't pay for it, and she split the money to pay for other things. Like WHAT? When the gas bill came in, I gave money for that too ... where the FRIG is my money going to if it's not going towards the things I am paying for??? On top of that was the usual argumentative crap she likes to go on with. My younger brother didn't help with some of his rantings either. Two of his annoyingly frustration sayings are, 'If you define something everyone will work against it.' & some crap that he believes that higher order thinking in the form of creativity and fantasy had to exist in creatures before they developed the ability to sense anything in the world? What he means by this, is that lower order animals (like aomeba's etc had to dream about the world before they were able to realise that it actually existed ... like, you have to imagine a tree exists before you'll ever be able to see a friggin' tree in real life.) It's pretty much backwards thinking and it is very frustrating when he goes on about it. It reminds me of a kid I knew when I was eight. He used to believe that you saw things because rays came out of your eyes and could sense the objects. Of course, sight is very much the opposite, rays of light bounce off the objects and hit your retina and you see them. It's annoying and FRIGGIN' Frustrating when people have these backwards ideas, as you have to think of ways to disprove them so that they can see why they are wrong. I will be glad when this week is over. So much to do. Alianz was supposed to supply my business with insurance, and they didn't so I'm trying to get some ... and I need it before Thursday when I have a meeting, or else my business goes belly up and the Government will shut it down! My mother is off to hospital twice tomorrow. First in the morning, and then in the afternoon. The reason for this is she has to give blood before her operation as a precaution. (They prefer to use a patients own blood if blood is needed). Then, later she has a pre-admissions interview 9where they ask questions like, 'do you have a heart condition' etc. As such, I need to drive her to and from hospital twice. PLUS, a group want to book me in for some facilitating of computer training. I forgot to renew my library books, so I have to phone them. Wednesday my mother goes into hospital (and I start to put the floor boards down). Before then (on either Mon or Tues) I have to get the equipment off the brother in law. Also means movin all the furniture out of the lounge room, remove the carpet, wash the cement, make sure the cement is smooth ( as it has soem lumps in it), put down the plastic, then the underlay, then the boards. Move the furniture back into the lounge. If I forget to take photo's while I do it, forgive me. I'd love to have them for the blog and everything, but it might be easy to forget to do. On top of that I want to organise some air conditioning for my mother's room before she returns from hospital (so I have to buy it and organise to have it installed within that week). I have to get my PO Box, my business cards, my business paper with letter heads done. Blah Blah Blah - so much to remember. BUT, I am hoping with everyone out of the way for a week, I can actually get a lot done. If I find the time, I want to fix my old computer. My mother keeps hinting she wants the old one, or for me to buy her a new one ... not to mention all the other hints she keeps making for other things she wants. I've somehow turned into Santa Friggin' Claus!!! But WHAT REALLY ANNOYS ME, is everyone thinks that 'Running my own business' means I am just sitting around not doing anything while the money rolls in, so everyone keeps asking me to run this or that errand for them, and when i point out, I'M TRYING TO RUN A BUSINESS!! They say, 'yeah, but it's a home business, so you're just sitting around at home not doing anything!' [And I just remembered ten more things I need to write down on my list of things to friggin' do for other people! Darn it! When did my life stop being my own!!! Oh, that's right, when I was friggin' born!!!] I think i just really needed to write all that to get it out of my system! no one here seems to be able to listen, they won't take no for an answer and they think I am their friggin' slave!!! [And everyone encompasses a LOT of people]. And that's probably another reasons why I loved Sydney so much! Go to work, go home, write/paint/music to my hearts content - but I had awful noisey neighbours at times in Sydney, and the pollution was killing me. Still, I miss Sydney. It'd be nice to return if I could afford a house in a nice neighbourhood which didn't keep me awake often ... or all the time. On brighter notes, 'Lone Wolf and Cub' box set (all six movies) comes out on the 7th of December, Red Dwarf Series VII on the 1st of December and I am thinking about buying the Kurosawa boxed set which has Seven Samurai (my all time fav. movie), Yojimbo, Sanjuro and The Hidden Fortress. I can't find that bloody 'Naruto' Anime anywhere in Australia, and I wonder if it's been released yet. I might send an e-mail to find out! Anyway, it's going to be a long night, as my stomach is refluxing greatly and I can taste some blood. I took an extra tablet for it, so hopefully will calm down soon. Apologies for the rant. I really had to get it out my system. Thanx to anyone who actually read it! :-)