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19 November, 2005

I Write Too Much??? Really???

Chapter Twenty is up, and I wrote it a few days ago. In fact, I didn't write at all yesterday, and I'm going to take a break today. To be perfectly honest, I think I need to spend some time writing something silly, because I keep getting all these stupid ideas in my head. I was considering writing another story simultaneously with the NaNoWriMo one. Mainly as I had this weird idea come into my head involving Toyko, Hamster wars, Mechanical Vampires and a heap of other things. [Actually, the mechanical vampires I've been playing around in my head for a long time. One is called Melisa, and the other one is called Megumi ... after two girls I know ... one who happens to be named Melisa, and the other one happens to be named Megumi, so there is a slight connection there which most of you will be able to pick up ... I think ... maybe ... if it's not to complex.] :-) One of my friends e-mailed me to say she isn't reading my blog at present! Darn, I let someone down! I hate that. Apparently, I am writing too much (so to compensate, I'm writing even more with this post Arrrggghh!) I figure, maybe writing the other story simultaneously might make her happy. That way she can ignore the NanoWriMo one and just read the silly one. Then again, maybe the damage has been done!!! Maybe she'll never return! WHY? WHY? WHY? ... Oh that's right, I write too much! Baka Dabido! To my surprise, I was able to get Patrician II to work on my computer last night! After a LOT of frigin' around, FINALLY I got the game working. I like it, though I haven't mastered it yet. It's a trading game based in the Scandanavian/Germanic Area in the 1300's AD. So far i lost one game when I wasn't able to out run the pirates and they boarded my ship, taking all crew and cargo. Waaahhh! Second game I was loosing really badly. I have perfected the art of hemeoraging cash! Regardless of what deal I get buying a commodity, it always seems to be at a greater price than what I can sell it for. I turn up at a town suffering famine only to find the meat and fish I bought was at double the price starving people are willing to pay. Add to that the cost of ships, crew, workshops etc, and you have a formula which gets rid of all that excess cash you have lying around that your simulated forefathers left you. Yes, I can ruin any dynasty before it even starts! From Jutland to the Russian Steppes, I can lose your hard earned cash! Anyway, though it seems to hard for me at present, it still looks like a lot of fun, and is complex enough to keep my attention. I look forward to wasting more hours playingthe game. Dabido Thumbs Up Rating for Patrician II (Provided you can get it to work ... I tihnk that's the clincher though, took SO FRIGGIN' LONG to get it to work!) My brother Jeff and I went to get the floor boards for my mother's place. I might see if I can take some photo's of this as I lay them down and stuff. My mother's house has NEVER EVER had proper flooring, and after 23 years, I have paid for some, and she is very happy to be getting it. Oh, and Tim Tam's were on special today. Even though I am allergic to chocolate, I bought two packets. So yummmmmyyy ... just wish I could eat them without chuckin' blood! Stoopid food intollerances! Speaking of food intollerances, my mother and borther had BACON the other day! Something I am so highly intollerant to, that I get nausious just from the friggin' smell!!!! How many of you get really badly motion sick out there? Put your hands up! How many of you have been on those rides at carnivals etc which spin you around and around and around ... and you feel like you're going to chuck up your lunch, all that junk food you ate etc etc? [Okay, might take a few rides to do it]. Well, that is EXACTLY the same sickness feeling I get when I smell bacon cooking. I was actually at the keyboard here dry reaching and burping a lot as I was so sick. I can also get motion sickness from playing computer games. Half Life - Doom - Quake etc ... all make me motion sick. I recently bought Jedi Knight II ... couldnt' get too far through it, as I got motion sick and needed to give up. Bluch! I wish someone would spend some money on research and FRIGGIN' FIX MOTIO SICKNESS PROBLEMS. [Yes, I get car sick easily being a passenger in the back of a car!] I've even made myself motion sick while walking. I found if I just looked at a tree in my garden as I approached it, I'd get a funny sensation and eventually motion sick. It's difficult to explain, as I have perfect vision and don't need glasses or anything, but as I walk towards the tree in the garden, it's like ... well it's weird. I starts to make me feel sick. Or maybe it's Perth. Nothing against Perth people - you're the worst drivers in Australia without a doubt - but I really can't stand it here. I really wish I was back in Sydney ... or anywhere else on the planet ... well, not anywhere, I'd hate to be in a lot of places right now ... anywhere with a war springs to mind as somewhere worth avoiding! I realised earlier today, I have not managed to spend as much as half of my life anywhere! Sydney comes close with 20 years (on and off) of my forty years of existence. In fact, when I moved to Perth, I had spent half my life there ... but now, I haven't as I spent quite a bit of my life in Sydney visiting other places - Europe, Hawaii, Gold Coast, Cairns etc. I miss travelling. Anyway, have to rip the mangy carpet up and clean the floors ready to put the houses first REAL flooring down in this house. The first piece of cement will actually get a covering for the first time in 23 years! (The mangy second hand carpet we have is just thrown on the floor. It's not down permantently like normal carpet would be ... it's like giant throw rugs!)