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14 October, 2005

Ask me to Blog on Any Subject!

Okay, so far we have ten (plus the added bonus of adding more Part II's etc to the Crazy Dates, and other sagas). I'm going to throw this open a little as well!


I may not be an expert on everything, but I am good at making stuff up!!! So I'll allow you to add subjects to my comments box. As many subjects as you want, just include a little hint that you aren't abusing me, but writing the line like this:

SUBJECT: [Place subject here - This is what Dabido should blog about].

After all, if you write something like this:

Baka Idiot from Australia!

I may think you are calling me names, when you are just listing it as something for me to blog about ... of course if you want to insult me, just do this:

INSULT: You are an idiot from Australia.

It stops any confusion! :-)

List of Subjects So Far:

  1. Crazy Dates I may have been on. Part I
  2. New ways to take over the world.
  3. Fight or Flight? How to run away like a real hero.
  4. What Beatles Songs REALLY mean.
  5. My secret life as a sex god.
  6. How to burp tunes and blow bubbles out your nose.
  7. Thesaurus - the dinosaur I can't find in a museum!
  8. Tautology, repeatition, iteration, duplication - how I fill out my blog posts. :-)
  9. Oxford, English Dic and Hary - worlds hardest book to follow the plot of!
  10. Alien Abduction Tale Part II (Original will appear on Minishorts site on Oct 22nd)

Some New Ones:

  1. The Day I became a Neurosurgeon
  2. The Art of Dumping a Girl You're Not Even Going Out With
  3. Baggy Trousers – Why my balls still work!
  4. Eddie – The guy who couldn't get a Date
If worst comes to worst, I'll just steal news headlines and write my own stories to them. :-)

I'm not going to have time to get to the 'New Ways to take over the world' post tonight – I still have some photo's I need to download for it (Yeah, this one comes with pictures!):-) I also have run out of time tonight, and need my beauty sleep ... lots of it! :-)

One of my friends from Sydney phoned me and we had a great conversation for a long time. She'd managed to do this after I'd had a long conversation with my brother over todays occurances. Then, I wanted to read through all the usual blogs (The ones liste don the side bar) and found that EVERYONE (well, almost everyone) had updated and there was a lot fo good reading to get through. (Plus I visited about ten other blogs on my trip through the blogsphere!!!)

No wonder I have very little time! Lol

Today was great though. Got to my business course. When I left on Tuesday, I was supposed to be the next in line to see the lecturer/mentor about my business plan. Imagine how upset I became when he didn't see me ... then he kept seeing everyone else. I was P***ed off beyond belief!

I waited ... waited ... waited. Then four O'Clock came. I was still waiting and it was time to go home! Four thirty came ... and he walked in the room.

'Oh! I thought you'd left. I just left a message on your home answering machine!' He said as he walked in.

'Um, no! I've been waiting!'

So, I got to see him. We finished at five o'cock!

The reason he didn't see me first thing, was he had been impressed by my business plan. He's given my permission to write the Executive Summary and finish the whole thing off! YES! I am finished the Business Plan part! (Sort of ... maybe .. once I write the summary!)

He'd seen everyone else, as they were far behind where I was at! (Well, two others have finished already! But, we all knew that!)

I didn't need the extra time to finish my Business Plan off, while the others needed the extra tiem to work on it.

I only have two other things left to finish the course (so three in total) and get my Cert IV in Small Business Management!

  • An eighteen question exam
  • A bookkeeping Assignment

The course officially finishes next Tuesday, so I have three days in order to finish everything off. Piece of CAKE!!! :-) Hmmm, cake!

Some of you might also have noticed, (or maybe you didn't) that on some other peoples blogs, I sort of casually mentioned that I am not 'available' at present. I thought I'd better clarify some of that. I haven't run off with a GF or something. What's happened, is one of my Japanese friends has decided to introduce me to one of her friends, and I've agreed to give the girl an exclusive chance to tear her way through the Teflon Suit! That means I'm not going to be chasing anyone else in the meantime and I won't be accepting any advances from ladies either.

Yeah, it might be a bit weird, but I've agreed to it. So, might end up with a BF/GF relationship, or might just be a bit of time wasting. Well, not really time wasting. You don't know if you don't give it a go. So, at present, I'm giving this young lady a fairgo at capturing me. (Not often I do that. I normaly just let them slip off the suit!!!) :-)

If everything goes well, this will probably be the first place you hear about it. (Otherwise, it may pop up as a casual mention in someone's comments section).

And for the record, I discovered the girl (whom I'd assumed was Japanese ... long story as to how that assumption came about), is a Malaysian girl. Hmmm, now to wait and see ... this might be a new experience for her ... rather than the guy waiting and seeing if he captures the girl, I'm sitting here waiting to see if she slides off, like hot butter off a pancake!

Hmmmm Pancake! Yum! :-)