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12 October, 2005

Darn Allergies!!!

Mowed the lawns today! Which of course, set all my allergies to GRASS oFF!!!!! Came in and was weezing and coughing and runny nose and sick in the stomach! Hate this sort of thing. As per previous posts, my mother can't mow the lawn - she's too old. My brother can't mow the lawn - he's asthmatic (and even though I am also asthmatic, my family really don't give two hoots that it sets my allergies and asthma off!) At least it's all been done! No need to do it for another two weeks or so. I've taken come Clarinaise and am feeling better. Still, not feeling 100% and this normally wipes me out for at least twenty four hours. Other than that, I'm getting stuck into soem stuff I have to do for my business. I received my first letter today marked "Managing Director". I ripped the envelope open, and then though, I wonder if I should keep it for prosperity or something. Not sure, it's sitting next to me now ... throw it out ... keep it ... throw it out ... keep it ... um ... not sure. I guess if it becomes meaningless (or more meaningless) later I can always burn it ... but then again, it might go well on the fire now and stop clutter. Doesn't matter. Not that important yet! Had my usual healthy salad sandwich lunch. If I eat any more healthy green things I'll turn into a lettuce. Am gettting a little bored with some of the usual blogs I read. Not that it matters that much. I've bene checkin gon e-bay for training stuff for more courses I might do later. You can save a fortune on some of the stuff being sold. So much easier to find the text book / CD /DVD course you want there. Guess, once you pass the exam, you might as wll sell the stuff to stop it cluttering up the house, plus it will be useful for someone else to use. I always get very tired after my allergies get set off. I need asleep I think. I might write some more later tonight ... then again, I might not.