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24 September, 2005

My Daily Walking Trail

You are looking at my daily walking trail. Every morning I walk for one to two hours along this trail. Lately, it's been one and a half, except this morning, when I did two. What it really shows me, is I need to mow the lawn. :-) Normally, the dogs do their business all over the path. I don't know why, but I assume it has to do with them trying to associate their smells with where I walk. Every morning, I start my walk off, by going around with a rake and playing Dog Doo Golf. Hitting the dog doo into the garden and off the track. Soon, all this grass will turn brown and start to die. Pity.

I used to read while walking. Now I listen to a tape recorder. I suspect the walking and reading simultaneously was causing me eyestrain. As you walk, your eyes have to adjust to take into account the fact that the book is bobbing up and down. The little red car you see parked next to our house, is my proton satria. Made in Malaysia. It's been all over Australia - well, not all of Australia. It easily made the trip across the Nullabour Plains until THAT kangaroo lept in front of us and WHAM! $4500 worth of damage! OUCH!~!

The dog in the foreground in Toby (or Tobias). He's a good dog. We also own his sister Elly. She is a demanding little dog who likes to yap a lot. Yap Yap Yap Yap ... hmmm, wonder if she'll ever shut up. Probably not. I suspect three years after shes gone she'll still be yapping. Anyway, if I want Toby to go for a walk with me, I just jog a bit. He likes to leap up and bite my butt! Elly never ever goes for a walk. She just sits and watches me. I think she's figured out that I just walk or run in circles. :-)

The white car in the foreground is my youngest brothers. He also owns another car which my mother uses.

Below is Toby rolling around on the grass. One of our sheds is in the background. Some of the trees are already turning brown ready for summer. Our wood shed is behind the shed you can see. Most of the wood now has termites in it. The builders didn't follow my mothers instructions. They didn't build the house in the middle of the block like she'd asked.

We suspect my father might have had something to do with that. Apparently, he went into the builders office and made changes against my mother's will. So bits of the house were changed and re-arranged to annoy her, rather than to fit the actual design she'd made. It's a pity the builders did that, as my mother was the person who was paying for it all. She had saved the deposit and everything. My father just changed things because he's an absolute d***head, and liked to annoy the rest of the family. Part of it was a control thing. He likes to pretend that he can do what he wants, and everyone else has to do what he says! No wonder no one talks to him anymore.