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10 September, 2005

Sarah's Meme

Sarah gave me this meme to do. WARNING: SOME THINGS MIGHT SEEM DEPRESSING OR SAD - BUT DON'T READ THEM THAT WAY. I AM FINE AND HAPPY. THIS IS JUST THE FACTS. 40 years ago [1965] (It was forty years ago today, Sargeant Dabido taught the band to play, they've been going in and out of style ... nah! just kidding!) :-) Forty years ago, the year I was born. Born in a baggage room. When my mother's water broke, she phoned my father to take her to the hospital. He told her, 'Wait till I knocked off work!' (which explains the baggage room). Eventually, at the hospital, my mother asked him [my father], "What shall we name him?" He replied, "Name IT what you like!" (I was an 'IT', as I would be to him for the rest of my life). So, my mother named me 'David-Lee', because she always wanted a David, and the Lee part was after Lee Marvin (I think 'Paint Your Wagon' was very popular at the time). Probably explains why I was born under a wandering star ... and I call the wind Maria! :-) At the time, we were in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. My father never forgave me for not being born a 'girl', which is what he'd planned (and I'd ruined it for him!) After all, it was supposed to go, Boy, Girl, Boy Girl when you have kids ... right? (pppttthhh! The idiot!) 30 years ago [1975] This was shortly after our return from Malaysia. I was living in Perth, Australia. A lot of kids thought I was strange, as I always talked about this exotic [to them] country [Malaysia]. Many thought I used to make up things ... like some stange fruits called Rambutans and Durians. How could a fruit taste good and smell like dog doo?! A red hairy fruit?! Pttthh! What a liar!!!! Anyway, I think this was the year I broke my foot (and my father wouldn't take me to the Doctors. Might have been the previous year) I was playing Soccer for the school, and my soccer team out side of school made it to the finals and lost. I was centre forward. I was left footed (because of my broken right foot) and my coaches wouldn't believe me! Hated the teacher I had, as he was an English 'school master' who beleived in the British Empire and thought the Commonwealth and Metric system were stupid things, and he hated Australians and Australia. (Why was he even here?) [Actually, he hated ANYTHING or ANYONE not English!] 20 years ago [1985] At the beginning of this year, I was thrown out of home by my father. (What an @rs3hole! ... Sorry, had to be said!) I had spent the last year having him yell at me, as he wanted me out of the house. He didn't want me going to University (as my elder brother had failed pretty bad at University) and my father didn't want me doing better then my elder brother (his favourite). I was left on the streets of Sydney with no more than a napsack full of clothes, and my guitar! My family returned to Perth. I tried to explain this to the Councilor at University, but he just kept telling me to go back home and beg my family for forgiveness! [But, they're in PERTH IDIOT!] Anyway, I couldn't afford to continue my University studies, so I took a job in a factory to feed myself and eventually moved into a share house in Chippendale. Had very selfish flatmates who never did housework! It was this year that I had the worst night of my life - mid winter, Sydney - freezing cold - rain - running around the streets soaking wet - trying to find a bus shelter or somewhere to sleep! It was so cold, my skin actually turned blue. I'd lost my fat layer because I'd refused to steal in order to eat - beleive me, I used to make waif models look fat! I might also add, that my survival this year depended on many friends who took me in and bascially gave me a roof over my head and occassionally some food. I also had a very sad incident involving a brief romantic encounter with a Japanese girl named Chiaki ... WAH! Broke my heart! I only have myself to blame! Developed a stomach problem where I'd vomit a lot. Probably caused through stress and not eating. 10 years ago [1995] Still in Sydney. By this time I was married. Working at AGB McNair being a Graphic Designer /Market Analyst. This was also the year I made the New South Wales American Football State Team. We travelled down to Victoria. I played special teams. I got to play Defensive line as well, and sacked [Tackled] the Victorian Quarterback. [Woo Hoo!] Against the Queensland team I was pretty ineffective! Was a very happy year for me! After I made the state team however, my wife (at the time) made me quit playing American Football, because it was her idea that I play nthe first place. she thought I was going to get creamed by the big guys playing the sport. She said she was trying to find something I wasn't good at to prove to me I wasn't good at something! Blah! Oh, was the year I broke my ribs playing American football ... also the year they wanted to amputate my foot ... also because of American football. I told the Doctors where to go and still have my foot to this day! :-) My stomach problem had developed to the stage that I occassinally vomited blood and my intestines would occassinally bleed too (with great pain). 5 years ago [2000] Five years ago I was working as a Network Engineer for Credit Union Services. Was divorced by this stage. This was the year I went to Europe (in order to avoid the Olympic Games in Sydney). Just before leaving, I discovered I'd won tickets to the Opening Ceremony's Dressed rehersal and the finals for the canoeing. I gave the ticket to my flatmate and organised to return to Sydney to see the final (which ended up being cancelled because of the wind!) What a waste! I could have remained in Europe for another month! Had an awful flatmate who loved to put me down! She used to tell me, my ex-wife was ugly (though she'd never seen her) and she'd tell me my GF's were ugly (though she'd never met them). She also used to tell me I had the hots for her, and that women find my gross and ugly! I also went on an adrenaline journey of self discovery to Cairns - about four white water rafting trips - a skydive - snorkling [chasing reef sharks aound] - fake dragon tattoo - sea canoeing - many other things too! A great trip! Was hanging out with Rie [Japanese Girl] in Cairns [she'd flown in from Japan ... I flew up from Sydney. She later met me in Sydney too! She wanted me to move to Japan and move in with her ... but then she got a BF and stopped e-mailing me!] Had a cancer scare (growth on my aorta!) Possibly it is my Thimus gland still in tact (though this is supposed to disappear by the time you are twelve). I later had some benign cancers identified in the same area. (So probably related). Also, continued suffering of my stomach - vomitting blood and intestinal bleeding etc. (Worst year was 1997 for that). [I wonder if it's realted to the benign cancer? Doctors say it isn't! After them wanting to amputate my foot, I wonder if I can trust them!!!] 3 years ago [2002] Still a Network Engineer for Credit Union Services. Living in a flat in Sydney [Hurstville - it's like Chinatown] by myself. Often would go out drinking with my best mates Corey, Rizaldy and Steve. We also had Patricia, Laurel and other's along a lot. Was a great year. I am not an excessive drinker, usually drank lemonade or coke [but many a night we finished off a lot of scotch and cokes, including the record for the Zambezzi Bar - two and a half bottles of Scotch! I blame Corey!] :-) I think there was another adrenaline journey to Cairns - Mountain bike riding through the rainforests - scuba - snorkling - broken ribs (on a jungle tour!) Was a great time! last year [2004] One of the years of my great life re-think. Why am I here? What am I doing? Why am I not drunk yet? Wrote two or three film scripts. Studied. Writing a few unfinshed novels. Painted many pictures and many unfinished ones. Recorded some music and entered some song contests. Savings dwindling to very little. (Okay, I still have more than someone in a third world country, so can't complain!) I'd moved back home with my mother and youngest brother by this stage. [My father having walked out on the family a long time ago ... in fact he's walked out a number of times] Living in Perth. Went to many interviews for Network Engineering roles, but no one in Perth wants to hire me! Have helped in the family, (but I won't go into details). Feel rather let down by the country. Also, trying to get my health back in order. Had my nose fixed (it's been broken about four times in my life). Was causing me sleep apnea (along with my other problem of having too small a jaw, and too long a tongue). Was recommended to have jaw broken and realigned to fit my tongue in my mouth. next year [2006] Well, if I start my own business [Network Engineering], then that's what I'll be doing. Otherwise, I'll be in the UK, probably either as a Network Engineer, or as a musician. Hopefully, I will have met the woman of my dreams and be in a nice steady relationship. (and she will have figured out how to tear through my teflon suit to get to me!) Hoping to have visted KL, Penang, and Japan by this stage (whether I am going to UK or staying in Aussie). ten years from now... [2015] Hopefully, will be married with children by this stage with a nice house and a successful business of some sort. Work - I don't care. Prefer artistic stuff (like music, writing, painting, acting etc) Hopefully, I will have built up my portfolio of shares again (which I've slowly been selling off in order to keep the wolf from the door). Hopefully I will be a better dancer, a better lover, a great father, and richer. :-) Happiness is the main aim though. (Which includes the happiness of wife and family). Am I supposed to pass this meme on? Most people never do the meme's I pass on ... I will let my readers grab it for themselves (I get twenty hits per day ... I know you are out there!) :-)