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05 April, 2005

Woo Hoo - Staying Calm Payed off!

Woo Hooo! Received an e-mail from my University telling me they did indeed receive my GSF payment, and that I am to disregard any further Invoices sent to me asking for the money. Woo Hoo! Good thing I didn't froath at the mouth & jump up and down (like some people I know). *Much relief being felt*
Hmmm, which leads me onto todays topic. Sunday my youngest brother Jeff, and I decided to try to help my mother out a bit. We have a third shed sitting in pieces in the back yard waiting to be assembled into ... a shed! (Funny that!) So I convinced my brother that we shoud do it, as it's been sitting their for months. So, we got into the back yard, and started trying to sort the pieces out. I leveled the ground where it would go. We ran into a small problem. We couldn't figure out how it all went together at first. My mother phoned my brother Paul (from whom we'd received the shed). He had no idea how it fitted together. So we spent about two hours trying to figure it all out. Eventually, the jigsaw started to make sense. (Then half an hour after that, my mother came outside to tell us the same thing, to choruses of "We already know that!") So, we were still trying to get things assembled, when Jeff suddenly realised something. If we completed sticking the shed where my mother wanted it, we would be unable to open the door to the shed next to it. We couldn't move the third shed over, as it was too close to the house. OUCH! So in the end, the third shed didn't get put up. My mother is rethinking where the shed will eventually go.
Yesterday, my mother decided to remove some of the tree branches of ours which hang over the fence. I was awoken early in the morning to help my mother lift a branch off the fence. She'd basically been sawing through branches and found that they were way too heavy for her to lift. The entire point of the exercise was to chop the heavy branches off, so they wouldn't fall onto the fence during storms. (Thus breaking the fence). Obviously my mother hadn't of thought it through too well, as she was sawing through the branches, and they were landing on the fence anyway. Well, after lifting the first branch off the fence (and being eaten alive by mosquitoes), I went and had a shower. Only to find my other waiting for me to lift an even heavier branch off the fence. (What do they say about people who never learn from their mistakes?) Well, while trying to lift the branch off the fence, (which took both of us to do) I heard the fence crack (fibro cement fence). Apparently, their is a micro split in the fence now. Not too bad. The branch was so heavy, we had to flip it out of our yard, and onto the verge (which is a pretty big verge). I then had to go around to that side of the fence to chop the branch into smaller chunks and toss it back over the fence. Moral of the story: If people think things through better, I can have my sleep in like I want! Waah!
Thought for the day: Some people see a sand trap, others see a green ... I see a place they're gonna bull doze and turn into flats!