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23 April, 2005

Arm Damage

Arm Damage from my current job. Looked good when I got home, because by that time it had bled a bit and was dribbling down the arm. Was trying to load the pictures of my hands, but hard to see all the cuts and stuff from the size allowed. Needless to say, it looks quite horrific close up on zoom. My mother was impressed by the amount of cuts, bruises, flaking skin and pieces of little metal in the hands. That includes two days rest as they moved me from where I was in the factory to somewhere that allowed me to wear gloves. Funny that I complained about it on Tuesday, and it took until Friday till they moved me. Mind you, I was following the instructions from my Labour Hire company. They informed me that if I have a problem, I should never talk to the company directly, but should talk to them first. Well, I did, and it didn't get me anywhere for a few days. I bet if I did it the other way around, I'd be in trouble for violating [the labour hire] company policy. Still, I am not planning on staying with the company very long. Getting ready to open up my options depending on what happens this Tuesday. Have two IT interviews, and if neither of them are successful, then I will start preparing to head to the UK. Have no idea what I will do when I get there, but will start looking into moving ASAP just in case. Will start planning a preliminary itinerary in case I do leave. Basically it will include visits to these countries on the way to the UK (Provided I can get the visa's etc): Singapore Malaysia (Penang in particular) Japan Canada (or Canadia as I like to call it!) :-) England (finally) Might visit the USA if it takes my fancy, but not sure if I will. Would be nice if I could arrange a tour so that I could perform along the way. I think there is a distinct possibility that I might end up stopping in Japan if I can get a job teaching English there. Actually, today was a little easier on my fingers. Actually able to type with only a little pain from three of them. Hopefully, after a while some of the numbness will go. Though my right hand was really swollen this morning. It also ached/throbbed. I was awoken this morning when a sharp stabbing pain shot up my wrist through my hand. Not sure what the reason for that was ... but didn't feel good. I definitely think it has a lot to do with the damage inflicted via the working conditions though. Now that they've moved me to another area, I'll stay till next Friday. Then, if I have an IT job to go to, I'll leave, and if I don't I'll send in my Passport application. Either way, I'm out of there very soon. Posted by Hello