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09 April, 2005

If You Persist, You Will Succeed.

A long time ago ( in a galaxy called Sydney), I was a member of the UTS Christian Fellowship group at University. One of the guys in the group (Andrew) told me about his church. Apparently, around the top of the walls (where the walls met the ceiling) was written, "If you persist, you will succeed." My friend Andrew counted the amount of times it was written, twenty two. (You think they could have spelt it right the first time! Nah Just kidding!) Other than being one of the things Jesus taught (the parable of the woman who kept bugging the Unjust Judge till she got justice - Luke 18:1-8), it is also pretty common amongst other religious/wisdom teachings. How important is persistence? Here is a nice quote from Calvin Coolidge: Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common tan unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan "Press On" has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. (I know pressing "On" certainly solved my problem of the computer being off) :-) Sometimes, there are something you should give up on. It takes wisdom to know when you are beating a dead horse and when you are not. If there is a chance of success, then pressing on is probably the most important thing to do. I remember a guy once, who used to go around seeking everyone's opinion till he got someone to say what he wanted to hear. One of the things he used to seek opinions on, was the latest girls he was chasing. Most of us would tell him to "give up" because he was usually bugging the girl in question. He could always find someone, who didn't know about the situation, who would tell him to persist in chasing the girl. (Mind you, it was a different girl almost every week.) So, he would persist in chasing the poor girl for that week, and annoy the ##$$@$@~!!! out of them. It was only when the girl got really rude that he'd get the hint. When the rest of us asked why he'd persisted when we'd all asked him to stop, he'd always be able to say, "But told me to persist!" So, to be wise, we must know when to persist, and when to desist. In the end though, we'll find that anything we find worth pursuing, we should persist in pursuing. Then another type of wisdom is needed. The wisdom in knowing how to pursue. After all, beating your head against a brickwall is not recommended when a perfectly good door is three feet away. Better to go through the door than trying to knock the wall down. (Though I rememebr an old flatmate who acted that way when he was too shy to ask a girl out!) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On another matter, last night I was kept up when a possum got into the roof. BLAH! I had to go to the TradeExpo today, so was half falling asleep. Still, lots of valuable information to be learned today. (Learned that there are even more ways to part fools with their money than I had previously realised. Also, with some new borrowing techniques, you can lose more faster!) :-) When I got to the trade show, I found my car keep beeping to say the door was open when I tried to get out. Usually it only happens when I leave the keys in the ignition. Was only tonight that I realised the parking lights were on, and that's why the car was beeping. I am surprised the battery wasn't flat after the car had been left like that all day! I got home and started to tell my brother about it. I am always amazed that people turn into experts on anything whenever I try to tell them anything. I wasn't trying to impart knowledge to the guy, I was just letting him know about the atmosphere. Funny thing is, he refuse to go to the show earlier when I asked if he wanted to go. He also has zero trading experieince. Still he wanted to tell me all about how to trade once I got home! Blah! The guy wouldn't know a Wolfe Wave from a Swing Trader! (No, a swing trader doesn't sell swing sets for traders children to play on!) Oh well. I brought back a wealth of things to think about before making my next trade. A little bit of new software to try out. Plenty of people around to now tell other people how to trade and how to make money. I was surpsied at how few people there were there, considering how important trading correctly is to making profits with ones superannuation and portfolios is. Guess it doesn't matter to some people.