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07 April, 2005

The Cylons are COMING!

Combine Bionic Eyes: BBC Bionic Eyes With Robotics: Robotech Landwalker Along with AI and other advances, and sooooon we'll be able to build are very own Cylons. And they'd look like Humans a lot earlier than when we are able to get to a Battlestar Galactica type technology of interstellar Space travel. Guess it's going to be one downfall of the Sci Fi series. Still, I like watching it. It has a lot of good things which I can relate to. I also loved the old series, but it seemed to have lost it's way towards the end (like, when they reached Earth). The new one has some nice grittiness to it. But, it looks like in Science Human replicons (or whatever you want to call them) will be more real sooner than the walking metalic machines that most Cylons are. Philip K. Dick's visions depicted in "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" (aka Blade Runner) seem closer to becoming reality than a lot of later SF. (Note difference SF = Science Fiction in the literature sense, while Sci Fi = Hollywood type Science Fiction movies/TV etc which often have little or nothing to do with Science.)