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21 April, 2005

Pissed Off Beyond Belief!

WOW! Am I pissed off beyond belief or what!!! (don't believe me! Read the TITLE OF THIS ENTRY!) Yes, I am so pissed off, I am actually swearing! Why am I pissed off? Well, basically I've worked in this factory for the week to get some cash. On Tuesday, because I was shredding my hands (from the elbows down), I phoned the Labour Hire Company to get moved. I was asked to stay till the end of the week ... but was promised other work elsewhere (mind you, I've been told they can get me IT work ... which I doubt is going to appear). Anyway. Today, I phoned the labour hire company again ... and they haven't been looking for me. They thought I would change my mind by now. NO FUCKING WAY! (Yes, I actually said the 'F' word! FUCK!) On top of that, I was contacted by someone else today (name withheld) who told me I wasn't allowed to quit. Basically it came with a bit of a threat concerning the Government doing nasty things to me if I did! Like FUCK! When did they re-introduce SLAVERY to this FUCKING country! So I've basically been told, "YOU CAN'T QUIT OR ELSE!" What a load of FUCKING BULLSHIT! When did this stop being a free FUCKING COUNTRY! I have some IT interviews lined up for Tuesday next week (as Monday is a public holiday). But basically, if the threats made towards me are actually carried out, I am planning on packing my bags, selling everything and moving to the UK where I have Right of Abode! This bullshit of Economic Rationalism brought in by Paul Keating (ex-Labour PM) and perpetuated by John (Coward) Howard (current PM) can only be harming the country. As far as I am concerned, they can take their policies and shove them up their arses! I am sick of hearing stories of people being made to work in jobs that are below their IQ's and well below their credentials. This must be the only country where the guy with the Bachelors Degree is made to sweep the floor, while the FUCKING HIGH SCHOOL DROP OUT is ordering them around. Don't get me wrong, not all High School Drop Outs are idiots or unintelligent. Some are very intelligent ... but a the end of the day the guy with the degree should be in payed employment in the field they have studied for. Shoving square pegs into round holes in order to fill empty jobs created by poor Government policy is just pure BULL FUCKING SHIT! Now, I haven't gone into great detail concerning the happenings of this week (other than my last post), but I am tired of being lied to, pushed around and generally walked all over in order for other people to make themselves look good. Also, getting told I can't QUIT a job which is tearing my hands apart and not even in the same field as anything I've worked in, is just pure BULL. Add to this the threat I received and I am FUCKING LIVID! Don't get me wrong, I'm as willing to work in almost any field in order to keep myself off the dole line, but this is just not working. It's damaging one of my greatest assests ... my hands, which are required for music, art and basically anything concerning writing or studying or web surfing. There seems to be a problem with getting me employment in any field which isn't factory work in this state. I'm getting FUCKING PISSED OFF WITH THE SYSTEM! It's not designed to get people employed and keep them employed; it's designed to treat people like objects and shove them into any vacancy which comes about. Of course, complaining about the system will only get you into trouble (like what I am in now!) In fact, I am waiting for the reprisal. Someone forgot to tell this FUCKING GOVERNMENT that I am not afraid of them! Call me Spartacus! Let the games begin!