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20 March, 2005

Another Assignment Bites the Dust

With two assignments due tomorrow I've been hard at it hitting the books. Got the Java one off and was pretty happy with it. Included some things for extra marks and hope it impresses the markers. Of course, I've done that before, and confused them. Hoping for maximum marks. Spent the rest of my time working on the other Assignment due tomorrow. A lot of darn reading to do to get it finished. Still, have only got the head written for the C++ program - not even a skeleton of the Main program written. Still, have all of tomorrow to do it. Funny how, when you are trying to study, suddenly your attention is required by everyone. My mother is a big pest when I am studying. She came in and kept starting conversations over the most trivial of things. Then she came and asked me to mow the lawn on Tuesday. Even after I said, "Yes", she still wanted to have a conversation about it! (Like she was trying to convince me 'Yes' wasn't a good enough answer!) Then, my mother and brother Jeff decided to clean out the spare room, and have arguements about it. Was like they were deliberately trying to find things to stop me studying. The main problem, is it seems to always happen. Or maybe I am just more tolerant when I am not trying to study. Anyway, once they stopped cleaning the spare room, they decided they needed to talk to me again, and again and again! I am surprised I got any work done at all! My brother then tried another tactic of walking past me and yelling out, "WHY AREN'T YOU STUDYING?", to which I replied some things I can't repeat here! (Yes, it is possible to use the 'F' word twenty times in a sentence with only four words!) Well, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get the first assignment off in time, but I did! It made me pretty happy. Now, I have to get stuck into the second one (which has taken most of the work so far). Also, I will include (for some people's amusement) Solution One for the Underpants Gnome problem (Yes, there is more than one solution): 1. Steal People's Underpants 2. ?????? 3. Profit Step 2 - When everyone's underpants have been stolen, ransom them back. Stores & factories will not be able to keep up with demand. Some people won't mind going freeball (aka commando). However, there will always be some people who can't buy a pair, and who will refuse to go commando. These are the ones who will pay for their underpants back! As another cost saving measure, don't spend any overhead on keeping track of who owns which pair. Just send them any old pair back. Pre-Condition: Ensure cost of stealing underpants and cost of return is less than the amount the underpants are being ransomed for. You will have the market on used underwear, so don't be too cheap, but also, don't demand too much. Too high a ransom demand will only lock some people out of the market! Ask for solution 2 sometime in the future. (Underpants Option Derivatives anyone? That's solution 3!) :-)