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19 March, 2005

My Mother Turns Sixty!

Yesterday was my mother's 60th B'day. Was a good night out. Pictures later (after I down load them off my mother's camera!) We ate at Ramon's at Canning Vale. It's also the local Kendo training hall. I was quite impressed by Sensei Ramon's display of trophies, certificates and Japanese nick nacks! There was even a full Japanese suit of armour in the restaurant. I went over and had a good look at it. Also, plenty of swords, practice swords and other Kendo stuff. The guy obviously takes his Martial Arts very seriously. I should have gone up and spoken some Japanese to him, but he probably would have embarrased me with my lack of knowledge, and rather thick Aussie accent. My brother Jeff and I bought my mother two DVD's. A Bee Gee's one, and another Queen one (Greatest Video Hits Volume 2). My Neice turned four on Wednesday, so we also gave her a present and wished her a happy Birthday. Today was my Nephew Elijah's first B'day. He held it at a park across the road from my sisters house. My brother Jeff and I went out shopping early and got him a nice book and toys for the bath. Lot's of my sisters friends and all there kids there. I felt sort of strange, as a lot of her friends have heaps of kids. They're all about seven years younger than me, and I still don't have any kids. Oh well, always time to catch up once I find that special someone. (If I find them!) :-) My brother Jeffrey turns 35 on this Wednesday coming. We've decided to hold his actual party on the Friday. (Don't want to miss Battlestar Galactica!) :-) There are other family members who also have their B'day in March. (Like my father, but no one speaks to him!) Probably says something about when the people in my family like to have sex! :-) I guess it places it about June, which is mid winter in Aussie. Must be a way for them to keep warm! :-) There are a few B'day's coming up in April too. Talk about going broke in one month! Aye Karumba! In May, there is only my cousin Karen and Me having B'days. Easy on everyone's pockets (Especially mine, as I'm not buying a present for myself this year. When I was in Sydney, I was the only person buying presents for me. My family and I had an agreement that we wouldn't bother when I was there, as the cost of sending stuff would be too great. WHat we'd do, is buy ourselve s present. It also means we got exactly what we wanted!) :-) I have no idea what I want for my B'day. I was asked today, but haven't given it much thought. Still two months to go, so plenty of time. We were trying to get ideas out of my younger brother for his b'day. So far, all he seems to want is some better darts. (Good quality ones). I think he's tired of losing to me! :-) Oh well, back to the study! Have to get smarter, and get this University Degree over and done with! :D Study Study Study!