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21 March, 2005

Another Day Working on Assignments

Wow! Spent another full day on this stooopid assignment. Still going. It was due in at 9 PM. So I've missed the deadline. 10% loss of marks each day. Still, I am not very enthused over this assignment. Spent so many flaming hours on it, and still not close to completion. Have to mow the lawn for my mother tomorrow, as well as jump through some other hoops for people. Hopefully I'll get time to sit down and complete this thing. Learnt something new today. Apparently if you put duct tape (Gaffer tape as we musso's like to call it), over warts (or moles/skin tags etc), for one month, they eventually go away. (Actual method involves taking tape off once a week, cleaning the area and filing a little with emery boards). They haven't tested with other forms of tape. I wonder if it is because Duct tape is water proof, or it's something in the glue? More scientific tests should be performed. Might be easier to apply dut glue in a gel form than walk around with a body covered in duct tape. Actually, I did read one theory where they claim the immune system learns to attack the wart/mole etc. The duct tape aggrivates the immune system, which then attacks it. I migh tbe able to do it with normal bandaids, as I have allergic reactions to them. Refer to picture in post above.