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17 March, 2005


As I sit here listening to the Alman Brothers Band, I have a few things to contemplate. Today my stock broker finally got back to me. Unfortunately, today was too late to do the trade I wanted to do earlier in the week. I'm waiting for things to stop falling and hopefully will pick up a nice buy and write call when the market starts to lift. Keep my fingers crossed that I do it all at the correct time. My mother's B'day is tomorrow, and my brother and I still haven't gother a present. Originally my brother was going to take tomorrow off so that we could go shopping. My mother's B'day party is on at night, so was hoping to get it all sorted out before the party. Nope! My brother didn't bother to try to get the day off. Not sure what he was planning on doing, but looks like we're going shopping on Saturday for a belated present for her. (It's Okay, I explained it to her, and she was cool with us getting the present Saturday). It's not that we were deliberately trying to make the present belated. It's just that my brother didn't communicate what his plans were (or in other words, he changed the plan, didn't tell me, and now we're stuffed!) :-) On the other hand, it's his B'day on Wednesday. Guess what? My mother and I haven't got a present for him yet! My idea was to buy a gift voucher at the local DVD/Music store. My mother gave that suggestion to my sister! So now my mother and I need another idea (as we don't want to give the same present as my sister!) I think Wednesday morning I might be running around trying to find something for him. (Unless I do it tomorrow! in which case, I'd be able to get my mother's present too, if only they'd give me their share of the money in order to get the presents). Guess it's too hard for them to think that far ahead. The good thing is, neither has a present for each other, so I am exonerated by association! :-)