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16 March, 2005


Yes, my blog titles are getting less creative! Dumb day. Got up early in case my stock broker phoned through. He didn't return my call! Blah! I got on the internet to see how the stocks were going, and the ASX site was down! Blah! Had a meeting at 10am, so went to that. Then did some shopping after it. Arrived home. Got a phone call and had meeting on the phone with someone. Still, my broker hadn't called and the ASX site wasn't up, so I had no idea what was happening in stock market land. Eventually, it became too late to call my stock broker. I didn't want to send the trade through, as I was still blind to what the market was up to. Got onto the Exchange site, and saw that if my trade had of gone through last night I would have made money today! Blah! Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk. Is good practice I guess, and shows I can make a good trade (even if I didn't get the financial benefits of it!) Hope the broker doesn't call me early tomorrow. I don't want to do any trading till next week now. I want to wait till the dividends come out, so I can have those before trading any shares away. All in a days missed opportunity! Time for pizza and study I guess! I was going to procrastinate a bit, but I've had to put that off till I get some more time! :-)