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19 July, 2006

World Cup Meme

World Cup Meme

This one’s taken from Laksa, who probably wondered where I was! lol

Your Best worldcup experience?

Eating, drinking soft drink and being happy at all hours of the night. I'm still sort of blur! lol

The best match?

Don't know. I don't remember that much any more. I loved the end of the Aussies Vs Japan match!

Your favorite chant?

'You're Ugly, You're Ugly, Yo Momma Says Yo Ugly!'

Oh wait, that's from Wildcats ... let me think. Only one I seem to remember was the English chanting something about 'My Grandfather killed your Grandfather' or something.

Most beatiful jersey?

I like blue, so Japan, Italy [friggin' divers] and well ... most of those nice blue jerseys.

Champion of the hearts?

Um ... as an Aussie I have to go for us Aussies. lol I thought Trinidad & Tobago & Costa Rica were also an underdog sort of favourites of mine. I didn't expect them to win ... but had to sort of go for them anyway! :-) In fact, I cheered for a lot of the underdogs even when I chose the other team to win.

Best beer during the worldcup?

I'm allergic to beer ... so, Ginger Beer! :-)

Most favorite player?

Hard to pick. Many good players on a lot of teams deserving of pats on the back. Let's face it, a lot of players put their hearts, minds and souls into this match. Teams like Togo probably shouldn't have been there, but their players still did their darndest to make an impression.

Best moment on TV?

I think when the Aussies scored those three goals against Japan! Wonderful way to end the match! :-)

Worst moment on TV?

All the bad refereeing decisions. I think they wanted to go for a record this time!

I also hate it when it goes to penalty shoot outs. Shoot outs aren't a nice way to go out of a tournament, and not a nice way to lose the cup. I'd prefer they go to more extra time and mroe extra time till the players die from exhaustion and someone dribbles it past the corps of the goalkeeper (who died of boredom!) lol

Did you enjoy it?

Yes and no. Great soccer skills. Wonderful to watch. Crap refereeing decisions. When they gave the Italians the penalty against Australia I almost 'burnt all my old soccer trophies and vowed never to watch a soccer game again'. It brought back too many bad memories of bad refereeing when I was playing (probably the main reason I stopped playing and switched to American Football).

And now? Back to the day job! :-)

Apologies to Swifty. I still haven't got around to your meme ... so much to think about with yours.