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11 June, 2006

Latest Photo Of Me!

As per Ashish's request, here is the latest photo of me. I hope the zits don't show up, as they are alien zits caused by being too close to Rigel Seven. :-) Rigel Seven is having their world cup at the moment, only instead of soccer players, they use trained monkeys. They found that the monkeys were safer on the roads in their Lambourghini's and didn't steal their GF's. Last night was the match between the blue team and the red team. The red team won after flinging seven poos into the goal over the blue teams five poos. Their team captain David Chimpham received a yellow card, which he promptly pealed and ate. He is one of the most expensive players, receiveing seven million banana's each year. I might have more updates on their world cup as news comes to hand.