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12 November, 2005


My University site is probably going to disappear very soooon! Mainly as I dropped out of my University studies earlier this year and the page will probably be reset very soon. I just thought I'd advertise it, as it has a photo of the Fat Boy himself (aka Dabido ... aka Me!), as well as some of my art work (watchout! Contains Nudes!!! Well, that'll at least get the guy sgoing there!) My Webpage Last night the Gosnells PCYC held their annual Quiz night, which I decided to attend. I'm glad I went ... because I WON!!! WOO HOO! They sat me at the table with the Gymnasts! They consisted of six other people who were half my age. Dean, Shannon, Rebecca, Chloe, Tara and Mel. There were ten rounds, and we were equal first for the first two or three rounds. THEN, we suddenly ran ahead. Shannon and Chloe entered a lot of raffles, and I think we can honestly say that our table won the most prizes. We didn't win anything in the auctions though. Chloe won a cruise for two as well as a BOTTLE OF BAILEYS!!! All proceeds went to help the PCYC, as it costs about $100,000 a year (or more) to run. I had a photo taken on my camera of the team, but for some reason it isn't on the camera now!!!! Plus I took a photo of our first prize, which was a washing basket with six wines, six chocolate boxes, twelve boxes of savory biskets, six other nibbly things, six boxes of chocolate waffer tube thingies, six shower gels. As there were seven of us, we had to seperate it all. I took a photo of the basket too, but it TOO DIDN'T COME OUT!!! I need a new camera!!!! Anyway, I suggested that the next news letter be called 'Gymnasts are Smart', but no one liked that idea! lol Rebecca kept saying that they would have come last if it wasn't for me, and i kept emphasizingn that it was team work. After all, we only won by two points ... table seven made a come back and our impressive lead was slowly eroded away. Round Five was a great round and we got all ten questions correct. Highlight of the night was when Shannon (who is heavily pregnant) won tickets to go ROLLERBLADING! lol Question Highlight was when they asked what 'The Dome of the Kangaroo Man and Pillar of the Lizard Women were part of?' The quizz master calimed anyone getting the correct answer deserved a prize of their own. I guessed the Olgas. I was correct! Don't you hate ppl like me???? rofl. Anyway, after the quiz night, I helped the Gym guys set up for their Gym Competitions in the Gym Hall. They were doing the competition today. Actually, I was a little embarassed when I knew the answer 'Mills and Boon' to a question regarding the Book Company who uses a Rose for their emblem! How totally GAY of me! Waaah! Anyway, even though I am allergic to chocolate, i think i am about to go eat one NOW! lol