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11 November, 2005

Chapter Four

WARNING - Contains some sexual imagery which may not be suitable for some people. I give it a 15+ rating ... or maybe I'm over reacting! Naoki could not stand the thought of going home. He had no idea what Mai had planned for him that night, but he knew it would revolve around her ego. On top of that, Akane would also be competing for attention. Akane was so much like her mother in too many ways. She was not Naoki's daughter, but was twelve at the time Naoki and Mai got married. Naoki adopted Akane. Even Mai was unsure as to the identity of Akane's real father. It didn't matter. He was somewhere back in Japan and they were not. Naoki was driving his Lexus and was approaching an intersection. If he chose to go straight ahead, he would go home to Mai and Akane. If he turned right, he would go to Moe Simizu's house. Moe had the unusual distinction of being from Japanese heritage, but had a middle name, Yui. Not many Japanese used middle names. In fact, Naoki could not remember one single person he had know in Japan who had one. Moe Yui Simizu, was actually Naoki's manager. She was the Managing Director of Yamashita Global Pharmacy Corporations Asian Pacific Office. It was an unusual position for a female to hold so high up in the organisation. Somehow, his life was dominated by women. Moe was actually the same age as Mai. They were both thirty four years old. Both, also had teenage daughters born out of wedlock. Moes daughter was Kaede. Somehow, Naoki thought he had somehow married the wrong woman. Both Moe and Kaede had beautiful natures, and were not the extroverted exhibitionists his own wife and step-daughter were. In life, he felt he had made the mistake of going straight ahead instead of turning right. Tonight, he wasn't going to make that mistake. He pressed the button on his hands free car phone. 'Moshi moshi,' said the voice at the other end of the telephone. 'Ah, moshi moshi Kaede chan,' Naoki said. 'Is your mother home yet?' 'Oh, Uncle Naoki san. No, she will be home soon. She was just picking up a loaf of bread at the markets.' 'Okay. I will be there soon. Mata ne.' 'Bye bye.' Naoki contemplated phoning home. He looked down at the phone, then at the road. Then, back to the phone. He sighed and decided to phone, even though he believed it would mean having to talk to Mai. If he was lucky, he would get Akane, and she might be in her indifferent mood. He pressed the button. Somehow, he was in luck. The answering machine played and he left a message to say he would be working late. He was soon at Moe's house and pulled into the driveway parking far enough to the right to allow Moe past to her garage if she had not arrived home yet. He got out of the car, put his suit jacket on and straightened his tie. He did a quick grooming of his hair and pressed the key to lock his door. He walked to the front door and flattened his trousers and jacket as he went. He stopped, and hesitated. Then he pressed the doorbell. Kaede answered the door and seemed genuinely happy to see him. It was a marked contrast to the cold reception he normally received in his own house. Kaede was practically jumping up and down with youthful excitement. 'Uncle Naoki!' She almost squealed the words. 'Kaede chan,' he said and bowed slightly to her. She stopped her youthful bounce in order to give a deep respectful bow. 'Come in Uncle Naoki,' she said opening the door wider to allow him past. As he moved past her, she shifted slightly forward brushing her breasts against his arm. It did not go unnoticed by him. Did this girl not know that he was in a relationship with her mother? Of course she did. How could it be hidden from her? She must have known what was going on. Kaede shut the door behind them and used one hand to beckon Naoki through to the front room. It was practically the same routine whenever he arrived. 'Would you like a drink, Uncle Naoki?' Naoki was slightly startled by this. Normally Moe offered him a drink and did the pouring. 'Eh? Oh, hai!' He responded with a question in his mind. 'Scotch and coke? Or sake tonight?' 'How long till your mother arrives home?' There, he asked it. The question was no longer in his mind. Surely Moe would not allow Kaede anywhere near the liquor cabinet. Or maybe there was much even he did not know. 'She phoned again. She's had to go back to work, but she asked that I make sure you are Okay while you wait.' Waiting at Moe's was going to be more fun than having to put up with Mai. It didn't matter how long Moe would be, he'd rather wait than go home. He sat down at the table opposite the television. It was his usual place. Kaede returned with both a bottle of scotch and coke, and a bottle of sake. She placed both on the table. She then fetched a glass for the scotch and flat cup for the sake. More questions formed in Naoki's mind. Kaede picked up the remote control for the television. 'Now, what would we like to watch?' she asked. She flicked the remote. Moe had pay tee vee, and it was already set to the Japanese channel. Naoki grunted something which Kaede took as approval. Kaede indicated the drinks before him with one hand and raised her eyebrows. Naoki picked up the scotch and coke. Kaede held the glass for him to pour it into. He looked at her in the eyes and gave the best disapproving look he could. She was unperturbed. He held her gaze. Was she that stupid. He didn't want her helping pour his drink. There were a few awkward seconds and Kaede relented and put the glass down. She disappeared to her bedroom. He poured himself the drink. Naoki sat watching the NHK [Japanese] news. He occasionally sipped on his scotch and coke. He was wondering how long Moe was going to be. Kaede returned, she had got changed into a thin summer dress. She sat down at the table opposite him and crossed her legs in a way which revealed her white cotton underpants. She lent forward slightly. 'Would you like me to get you anything else?' Kaede asked. 'Eh?' 'Anything else, Uncle Naoki?' She raised an eyebrow. Naoki had some strange thoughts go through his head. This seventeen year old girl was trying to seduce him. Surely she should be out dating boys more her own age. He had enough problems in his life already. He had a wife, a mistress, and now if he was willing, an even younger mistress half his age. Even though he didn't hide the fact he had a mistress from Mai and Akane, how would he hide this. This was his mistress daughter! She was always present when he was with his mistress and would have to be kept in the wings. Or maybe she was just after a one night stand to see what a man was like. 'What do you want, Kaede?' 'What do you think? 'I think you should be out being chased by boys your own age.' 'What do you mean?' Kaede asked, as innocently as she possibly could, adding a slight pout at the end. 'I think you are trying to seduce me behind your mother's back! What good can come from it? How would either of us be able to look your mother in the eye knowing what we've been up to?' 'How do you look your wife in the eye when you go home to her?' 'Eh? That's different!' 'No, it's not! It's exactly the same. You cheat on one woman, you cheat on them all. I'm no tasking you to be faithful to me. How can I when I know you have two other women?' 'This is a terrible thing you want! I can't do it?' 'Of course you can. Don't you find me attractive?' and as she said this, she moved slightly, crossed her arms and started to lift her dress. 'You do like young girls don't you?' In one move, she had her dress above her head. She removed one of her arms from the dress and looked at him. Then, she flung the dress to one side. She slowly crawled across the table, allowing Naoki to see straight down her cleavage. There was a moment of panic in Naoki. 'But, your mother is due home any minute!' 'No, she isn't Uncle Naoki. She has a meeting. A directors meeting. You knew that! Why else did you come here?' Deep inside himself he suddenly remembered. Of course. Moe was at the directors meeting. How could he have forgotten? She was going to be a few hours. He was so lost in thought, that he hadn't noticed Kaede had undone his tie and was unbuttoning his shirt. 'I have to go!' he exclaimed standing up. Kaede grabbed his belt and pulled him back down. He knew it was wrong, but he found he had no will power. He was going to give in. He knew he would. The world was about to change.