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17 November, 2005

How the Novel Software Has Been Used

As my regular readers know, I've been testing out the Novel writing software I bought. Rather than add another chapter tonight, which may be a little too intense for some (with such a lot of reading etc), I thought I'd just show some of the things I used from the Novel writing software and you can see where the idea came from and relate it to how I used it in the story. Title - I used the software to chose the title: Edmond McCarty's Accident Ideas - I used the software to create ideas. Some of these were based on ideas the software linked to characters pasts, and others were just straight out ideas it can generate (and it just randomly chooses a character to chuck it with I think). Character Past Ones: Mai -
  • As a teenager she became a mother to a girl called Akane.
  • As an adult she is working as an Air Traffic Controller. She is now serving a jail sentence for handling stolen property.
  • In 2000 she married Naoki Yamazaki.
  • Most people would describe her as very extroverted.
As you can tell, I used the jail sentence briefly, but fortunately for her, I got her out of it! :-) Moe -
  • In her late teens she gave birth to a girl called Kaede.
  • She started a friendship with Letitia Cano.
  • As an adult she has a job as a Business Manager.
  • Her favourite film is 'The Philadelphia Story'.
  • Most people would describe her as very introverted.
I haven't used the Letita Cano bit, nor the Philadelphia Story bit ... well, not yet! :-) I won't talk too much about some of the other character traits, as some of them haven't been revealed. :-) Random Generated Ideas list:
  • Edmond Gets Hit by a Flying Llama
  • Mai buys an exotic stick-insect for a month's salary.
  • When does Moe find the answer? Connect this to someone whom Moe admires.
  • Moe meets a very convincing liar. Describe how this character gets Moe's money. Write about this as a series of flashbacks.
The flying llama bit I added to begin with when I was originally going to do it as a quirky dark comedy thing, but then changed my mind to do a more serious work. The stick insect thing got used ... and was linked in with the jail sentence, the daughter named Akane and the extroversion stuff. TOUCHDOWN! The new Doctor ... well, we'll find out what that CENSORED thing means very shortly. :-) Don't worry, its nothing rude (though I suspect if it was, we'd have an increase in traffic!) :-) I hope I didn't give it away ... but I've already dropped hints as to what it is in the story. Can you guess what it is? (Yes, guessing contest time ... you win nothing though ... just bragging rights!) Well, Moe has found her answer, and it was a good thing for Naoki, otherwise he would have been buying Akane a car ... and I was in two minds as to whether I was going to have Naoki and Moe get together before or after the car thing ... and then decided to let Naoki off the hook and have him and Moe get together with out Akane getting a car ... the lucky guy!!! :-) Moe's money ... well, I did it as one HUGE flash back, rather than a series, but I thought it would work better that way. I just hope I haven't made Japanese men look too bad. Tatsuya is practically pure evil ... but he had to be to get Moe's money. Naoki, well he is a little insipid, but he's a nice guy. Let's see where life takes us. Moe's Grandfather, well, I liked him a lot and now I've killed him off. Darn! lol We can always bring him back! hee hee hee hee! (Oh darn, is that another hint?) I'm rubbing my eyes in disbelief!!! Most of the rest has just come straight out of my little perverted mind! Hee Hee! P.S. this is just a raw first draft. There are gramatical errors etc in the chapters. Most novels consist of 10% writing and 90% rewriting, so you are sort of seeing the first 10% of the work being done. I may change and rearrange it all as well later on if I think it is good enough for publication. Even if I do chose to publish this, the original will remain on my blog (so you can read and reread it ... and complain about how the movie was no where near as good!) :-)