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12 November, 2005

Chapter Five

Edmond awoke. He was now alone in his hospital bed. He could feel the evil presence somewhere nearby. It somehow permeated the room and his very essence. Then they entered. The door to his room didn't even open. The demon just walked straight in. The second stopped just inside the door and Eddie saw it look through the door to check the corridor. The first demon stood at the end of the bed. 'I want it!' Eddie freaked inside. What did it want? What was it after? 'I know you have it!' 'I don't have it,' Eddie said. 'I don't even know what it is!' 'If you don't know what it is, then how do you know you don't have it?' the demon asked. 'I don't have anything. I'm just a kid!' he screamed. The demon unsheathed a large knife. It was about ten inches long. The demon held it near his own eyes and rotated it, looking at the sharp edge. He stopped rotating it and looked menacingly at Eddie. 'I don't have it!' Eddie screamed! The door opened and a nurse ran in. The demons faded too fast for the nurse to see them. 'What is it?' the nurse asked. She was puzzled by his sudden screams and had been just outside the door when he had screamed. 'The demons! The demons! They were going to cut me open!' The nurse sighed in relieved. 'You've had a bad nightmare,' she said. 'It often happens after people have been in accidents.' 'It wasn't a dream! They were here!' She just smiled at him and straighten the bed clothes a little. She checked his drip to make sure it was Okay, and made some notes on the clip board. I know I was awake. Eddie thought. I was awake, I know I was! This wasn't a dream. The nurse finished writing, gave him a knowing smile and left the room. Eddie laid back on the bed. Within seven seconds he was asleep again. 'That was a close one Eddie,' said a voice from out of nowhere. 'Wha?' Eddie didn't have time to finish what he was going to say. He suddenly remembered where he was. He was on the road. To the left was a cliff which fell into the sea. To his right was a steep slope which fell away to a river. Up ahead was the bridge. The river curved under the bridge and connected to the sea. It had a very small delta, but the delta was deep and allowed easy access to the boats of dream. The bridge was stone, high and had many large arches. There was a stone gatehouse at the beginning of the bridge, but it was always left unmanned. The whole place had a silver glow, normal daylight seemed more yellow by comparison. It was like permanent twilight, but somehow lighter, and still easy enough to see everything. 'We have to move quickly before they find you outside the city,' said the voice again. 'Do I need to run?' 'No Eddie, just move quickly. Make it to the gatehouse before they know you are here.' 'How will they know I am here? Where are they?' 'Just walk fast Eddie. Don't run, it'll attract their attention. Just walk quickly.' 'Where are they?' 'Just walk Eddie. Just walk.' 'Where are you? I can't see you.' The voice had gone. Who was it? Every time he was here the voice would help him, but he had no idea who it was. Eddie looked over the side of the cliff to the water below. There was a silver glow coming off it, but the sky had no visible light source. There was no moon, there was no sun. Still, the water could be seen clearly because of the silver reflections off the top of the waves. 'I thought I told you to walk! They will be upon us soon. Walk! Walk fast!' The voice startled him. Eddie immediately started to walk while still looking down mesmerised by the waves below. 'I'm walking!' 'Stop looking at the sea. There is nothing for you down there.' Somehow Eddie didn't believe him. For some reason, he felt the water lay somewhere in his future. Something important was going to happen, and it involved water of some kind. Dreams worked like that for Eddie. He always knew they worked that way. When he is asleep, he can see the future, and images would come to him to help him. The gatehouse was a little in front of him. As he approached it, he saw a quick glimmer. Not a shadow like a normal shadow, but one which moved silver across the gatehouse. Someone was there. 'Eddie, stop! They can't see you if you stop!' Eddie froze on the spot. Before him at the gatehouse, the two demons appeared. They stood there looking straight through him. Then they moved. Slowly they walked towards him. Eddie dare not move. About two metres away from him, the first demon drew the long knife. In one move the demon stepped up to Eddie and sliced him from the lower stomach to his chest. Eddie didn't feel a thing, but fell flat on his back. The two demons fell on him, ripping at him. Tearing the front of his body apart. Still, Eddie did not feel a thing! 'It's not here!' said the first demon. 'He's hidden it somewhere.' 'I thought you wouldn't see me if I stood still,' said Eddie. The first demon gave him an incredulous look, as though it was the stupidest thing he'd ever heard. 'Who told you that?' 'I don't know. The voice.' 'He can hear the voice,' said the second demon. 'Shut up, Moku,' said the first one. 'Let's throw him over the side.' The two demons picked Eddie up and threw him over the side of the cliff. Eddie fell, spiralling. With his stomach ripped open the way it was, he had little way of controlling his fall. 'Why did you tell them about me Eddie?' the voice asked. Before Eddie could answer, he hit the water.