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11 October, 2005

Business Name - High Elves!

I forgot to post what I had originally intended. My old 'High Elf Kingdom' blog was short written (only a few posts between April and May of this year - 2005) Still not sure whether to continue it. I've had some positive feedback concerning it ... was just me writing a silly fantasy story about an Elf who naively moves into the Human Gay Capital of the world ... and makes a living as a Doctor there. Just wondering if I shoudl continue running with it ... more fantasy stories ... or continue the same story ... or change it to include other Fantasy / Sci Fi stuff. Actually, I've previously written some fantasy movies, which I've been meaning to turn into books and stuff. I might get some opportunity to do that after I complete my courses. The Cert IV in Small Business Management ends next week, so not long left to go on that. Then I have the Cert IV in Training and Workplace Assessment, plus my CCNA and CCNP exam (six of them) ... whcih will bring me to the end of my current study plans. Next study plaans will involve possibly the CCIE and an MSCE and returning to finish at least one of the six degrees that I've started over my lifetime! I do plan to eventually finish them all ... just need to get my focus back. Or more precisly, get my unpatented study techniques perfected. Business names - I've been brainstorming with my lecturer/mentor today. Seems we like differnet sorts of things. He phoned me tonight and suggested 'Spellbound' Fortunately, it is already taken. (I really didn't like it) He rejected my Egyptian God of Protection (Protector of the Innocent and Devourer of the Evil) - which I thought matched my Computer/Network Security theme - oh, three names for that Egyptian God are Maahes, Mysis and Mihos ... my mentor rejected all three, though we both thought Mysis was close to Misys ... where the sys bit could mean System! I had a cool Lion head logo designed which he liked. (Darm I'm good at art!!!) :-) Mysis was being used for fishfood! Ewww! MOST things involving words like SYS, COM, TECH, NET etc are all taken!!!! Most of the COOL sounding stuff is taken too ... difficult to find an animal that's not been used in the computer world. (Maybe I need to call myself Durian Net! lol) If you dont' see something obvious listed below, it's probably because I've already looked into it, and it's taken! (Some are even pr0n sites!!!!) :-) Some are owned, but not in use (So still can't use them! Darn!) Anyway, here are some other things I've kicked around if you'll like to vote on them. Sacred Oak (My mother doesn't like this one ... says it sounds religious ... like yeah mum! If you're a friggin' druid it does!) Yamakuma (Mountain Bear) Karasuhebi (Black Snake - If this is bad luck, then tell me! White snake is taken) Hebi Doshi (Year of the snake ... yeah, I was born then) Kumashima (Bear Island) Sentohebi (Wizard Snake - actually, have to check this is actually a word! lol) Sazanami (Ripples) Bone Oak (Yeah, Stone Oak / Dark Oak are like USED ALREADY!!!) 2BH (Too Bloody Hard!) lol Even Rambutan was taken ... though I suggest Uranga Tech ... no one like that either! Oh well ... anyone like any of those????