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14 September, 2005

Someone Must Love Me!

Wow! My e-mail is constantly being jammed with PHISHES for e-bay and paypal, and I just received an e-mail telling me my e-bay account had been compromised ... only, I am pretty sure it's a PHISH of some sort too ... even though it looks like it came from e-bay, it arrived with a virus attached. I automatically deleted the file in question. I started running my virus checker, and it spotted two other viruses attached to my C drive. Hmmm, these are new. My system was clean on the weekend. Anyway, they will require a manual remove, as my virus scanner could neither remove, nor stick them in the vault, nor clean the infected files! Not good. I'll quickly try a few of my other virus scanners, in the hope that one of them can clean the files ... otherwise it's onto the internet for it. I seem to be getting targeted a LOT lately. MainlyPHISHES and VIRUSES (I've had a few come my way, but my firewalls and protection seem to catch them ... plus I am paying for virus protection though my ISP ... wonder how many they catch before it even gets to me?) On other sites I'm getting a lot of those stupid SPAMS, you know the ones, 'I am the Son/Daughter of a Nigerian/Kazakstan/Somalian/etc President and i need your bank account number to stick millions into it' etc. Then there are the RUSSIAN / CHINESE / JAPANESE / and other foreign language e-mails I often get spamed with. Mainly advertising cheap software, porn sites or whatever! (Okay, my Russian is exceptionally minimal and my Chinese is pretty bad! I can read some of the Japanese ones though ... except when written in that script that leaves funny question marks in diamonds instead of proper script!) THEN, there are all those girls from Coast D'Ivory, Russia, etc who send me love letters on the chatsites / Friend sites etc. 'You are handsome, I want to meet you in person! Please, be my BF. I have read your profile, you are man I want to marry! I love you' blah, blah, blah, blah! Yeah sure, you've never met me and you think one e-mail like that will convince me you love me!? Ppth! How stupid must you think I am? (And all the other men you send that crap to!) I know they send it to everyone they can, because some sites I have more than one profile ... and I get the same SPAM! So, which one you really love? My Profile A, or Profile B, or Profile C ... hmmm, sounds like Perfect Match (for those who remember that dating show!) Then, there are the times I receive the same SPAM from different profiles! Like it's some form letter that someone in Russia or Coast D'Ivory is selling to stupid girls wanting to leave for the West. If I'm wearing a TEFLON suit for the girls who know me in real life etc, then surely I must be wearing a concrete bunker for those who send this sort of non-sense to me. Surely no one can fall for that sort of stuff! But then again, PHISHERS seem to make money from it ... maybe there are some girls who get ou tof Russia/Coast D'Ivory etc from these things! I guess there really is 'One born every minute'!