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15 March, 2005


Well, was running around trying to get the finance thing happening today. Didn't get to speak to my Stock Broker, as he wasn't in! Wwaaaaaaahhhhh! Will have to do the trade tomorrow morning. Probably means he'll phone me at 7 AM Perth time (which is 9 AM Sydney time). Hopefully the Options won't have moved too much. Trying to decide if I am going to increase my margin loan by another $20,000 ... which will bring it to $50,000. If I do try that ploy, it might catch me out if the stock drops too fast. Also depends which stock I do a buy and write on. I'm still sorting through everything trying to decide. Didn't get any study done like I had hoped. I better knuckle down and get into it. Two assignments due SOOOOON! Waaaaah! Then two projects! Waaaah! Not much else happened today. Too busy doing calculations on option calls to write about anything else from past of opinions. Hopefully will be alright by tomorrow and can get decision over with and stuck into studying!