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14 March, 2005

Monday Bloody Monday!

Yes, it's a Monday. How do I know? First off, my ISP (Telstra) sent me a bill claiming I hadn't paid the last one! This p***ed me off no end, as I had bloody so paid it. After calling and waiting on the "Bill Enquiry" line for half and hour, I got to speak to someone. Yes, he confirmed I had paid my last bill, and told me to ignore what it said. Apparently my card wasn't processed until the "next working day", which was 2 days after the due date. Another thing occurred. Remember how I previously wrote about the University Library not reading what I requested. Instead of photocopying two pages for me and sending that through, they sent me the entire book! Well, today a second copy of the SAME book arrived!!!! WTF!!! Now I have to send back two copies of a book I didn't want in the first place! All of it getting charged to my Debit Card! F! F! F! F! More money down the drain! Going to have to do the big money transfer to keep my head above water this month. I was meaning to e-mail or phone my financial advisors and get some more money, as I want to "write a call option" this month, but need to set myself up before I do. Don't want to get a margin call on my loan if I have to sell my shares! I didn't get around to it as my mother dropped in for half the day. Of course, dividends come out this month, so I have some extra cash there for a short while. Enough to keep me fed before I start playing around in the "Options" bin of the stock exchange! To top it all off, my University Fees arrived. $80 to be paid immediately, and another $722 to add to my HECS debt! Ptttthhhh!!! I also got eaten by mosquitoes last night. I scratched so hard I am bleeding and pussing on my legs! Darn Mosquitoes! Somehow I didn't finish doing things till 2 AM last night, then had to get up early as the dogs were going beserk! The other day I wrote about the power going off for ten minutes. I spoke too soon that day, as it went off for four hours about ten minutes after I posted. What a crappy day. Time to eat I think! Time to study too! Beats being dead I guess! :-) [Always looking on the bright side!] :-)