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12 March, 2005

The Haunted House

This evening, while watering our large backyard, my brother Jeffrey came to talk to me. He reminded me of some of our old homes. One of them, as he reminded me was supposedly haunted. Admittedly I never experienced any of these supernatural phenomenon. However, other members of the family have stories of seeing a 'boy' on the stairs, as well as other stories of doors suddenly opening and closing by themselves. The 'boy' that was seen climbing the stairs was apparently dressed very neatly in school uniform. The doors which 'opened' and 'closed' on there own, included the sliding doors in the dining room, which were on a side of the house without windows, so no wind could have been involved. I mentioned to Jeff that about a year before I left Sydney, the house had been up for sale ... again. We knew of it being up for sale numerous times. My brother Paul apparently drove past it before he left Sydney, and it was up for sale then, in 1985. My brother Jeff drove past it in 1994 and it was up for sale then. Why was this house up for sale all the time? It was in quite a prestigious area, Bonnett Bay. So would have been worth quite a bit of money. Yet, when we rented it, we got it for a real bargain. My brother Jeff believes it was always being put up for sale because of the 'ghost' who lived there. Were other people experiencing weird phenomenon like other members of my family were? Was it just a coincidence? My mother and brother Jeff are convinced of the house being haunted. After all, they had experienced the supernatural phenomenon. I take a lot to convince of paranormal happenings. After all, my bedroom was the closest to the stairs, and I never experienced anything. Surely if the ghost was always going upstairs, it was to hang out in my room with my grovey record collection (it was before CD's were invented). Why didn't I hear the ghost playing my records? Another house my brother reminded me of, was the one we had in Beacon Hill. This one was extra special. It was a WAAF's quaters at one stage. At another time it had been owned by the person who won the Opera House Lottery (a lottery run to pay for the building of the Sydney Opera House). He'd decided to build a second storey on it (and reports differ as to whether he built it up or down. All the power points in the lower house were near the roof, while the upstairs had it's power points where they should be. That suggests the story of him building the lower part second). The funny thing about the house,was that it was identicle on both stories. So there were two bathrooms, four toilets, two kitchens and six bedrooms. The great thing about the house was my brother Paul and I shared the lower house, while my parents, and my brother Jeff and sister Angella had the top storey. The spare bedroom was used as a music room, with the guitars/amps, drums, keyboards etc all stored in that room. The lower lounge room we used as a pool room. The lower kitchen was used as a store room and was also where we had the dishwasher. (That never seemed to get used). The place must be worth a fortune. It was a pity we had to move from it. The main problem was the lower part of the house was always in shadow and always getting moldy easily. I was forever cleaning the bathroom. Of course, with two toilets down stairs, it ment my brother Paul got one, and I got the other. Somehow, when my brother Paul had an allergic reaction to pork, he ended up in my toilet and somehow missed everything except the wall. Yes, something exciting for me to clean up when I got up in the morning! Yuck! My bedroom was great, as it was four metres by six metres. (Being an ex WAAF's quarters, it was used as a barracks type room. Wonder how many WAAF's used to be in that room!) That gave me plenty of time to myself. I coudl always hear Van Halen blasting from Paul's bedroom. We also had the computer (Vic 20) housed downstairs. I seemed to get the highscore on all the games, while my brother Paul was forever typing away writing some program. Probably why he ended up being a programmer. :-) Wonder if it also had a ghost? :-)