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13 November, 2005


Yes, it's true, I have now entered NaNoWriMo. All that spurring on by people etc, and I've caved in like a sponge cake with a size fifteen bowling ball as it's only decoration ... well, you knew I would. I hope you enjoy the novel ... well, Novella. I might try to make it go further than the 50,000 word count. I now have a very good idea where I am going with this novel and hope the twist at the end is worth it. (Oh Doggonit! Hope I didn't give it all away when I say they all get sat on by a giant pink elephant!!! Waaahhh! oh no, now I really HAVE given it away). Anyway, I'll step up the word count a little - mainly as I hav a business to run and a mother to look after ... I'll try to get some nice photo's of some of the things I plan to cook for my mother after we get her back from the hospital. Someone has to cook for my mother while she's bed ridden for a month, and I sure as hell ain't letting my youngest brother poison her with his burnt fish recipe. How to make my brother's burnt fish:
  • Take a frozen crumbed fish out of the freezer.
  • Place it in a frypan.
  • Place frypan on the stove.
  • Turn heat up to full power.
  • Go watch TV.
  • Return when you smell something burning!
  • Wonder why it's burnt!