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09 March, 2005

Stooopid University

My University Library (in Armidale NSW) has a service where they will photocopy selected pages from books, provided you dont' infringe copyright laws. (ie must be for study purposes and must be less than 10% of the text etc). I sent in a request a few weeks ago to get two pages photocopied from the required text, as it's still about a week before my copy arrives at the bookstore. Today, instead of two photocopied pages, the entire text book arrived. That means I have to find the money to send it back to the University Library. (After photocopying the required pages of course ... actually, while it's here, I'll read the first three chapters too, so that I can do the assignment). I'll just try to look on this as a possitive (ie having the textbook for a week), rather than the negative(more money out the window when it shouldn't be!) I just wonder how much they charged my credit card to send the book to me!