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10 March, 2005

Random Meanderings for Today

You kno those days when you wake up, and you've slept funny. Well, today is one of those days for me. Yes, I've got some weird back/shoulder complaint today. I did my usual bench pressing, but felt pretty weak on the right hand side, so I stopped. Nothing worse than 50kg landing on your head! (Except maybe More than 50 kg landing on your head!) Since then it's been hard to study or write or anything, as this annoying shoulder thing keeps distracting me from what I want to do. Maybe I should take a nap and see how it feels when I get up! Darn! I hate it when this sort of thing happens. I've been trying to stretch the neck/shoulder out where the pain is, but nothing seems to help. I keep hearing the occassional "pop" or "crack" from the neck, but the pain remains. Where is my private massuer when I need one? Earlier today it actually rained (yes, rain in Perth!!! Who would have thunk it!) At one stage, there was a loud BANG from down the road and all the electricity went off for a few minutes. The BANG made the dogs bark a lot. My computer and everything else came back on Okay, so nothing seems to have been damaged. (Except whatever went BANG up the road). On another note - for those who remember what I wrote about the Dept. of Agriculture coming around looking European borers in pine trees and walking straight past two pines in our front yard. Apparently there is a local scam occurring where people come claiming to be the Dept of Agriculture. They then convince people to get their house sprayed for the European Borer. It's all being done by some guys pretending to be pest extermintors (though whether they are legit or not is something else). So, we are not sure whether the guy who came to our door was one of these scammers or an actual Dept. of Agriculture officer. Oh well, back to trying to study!