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18 February, 2005

Tired But Happy

I didn't get to write anything today, as my younger brother wanted to surf the net. It's now 2:30 AM, and I am ready for bed. So tired, after a hard days ... um ... hard days ... er ... sitting around all day. This sort of thing is probably why I am starving. The problem with being at home, is you're at home. People and things can interupt so easily. So, with my youngest brother on holiday, my mother's car in for repairs, I get a constant stream of interuptions. My Uncle and Aunt came over to day too. So, even though I was rather anti-social towards them, (doing the minimal amount of talking to them), there was still an interuption to my own little world. With them leaving came my brother needing to be entertained, thus a lot of web surfing and discussions on "Life, the Universe and ... " nah, I won't swipe the Douglas Adams book title. hee hee. Basically though, we sat around talking a lot. :-) Even though I am poor and practically starving in my choice of lifestyles, I am pretty much happy with the way things are. There is little stress, which suits me. I am very autonimous in what I am doing. I have no bosses, no deadlines ... just a problem with making ends meet, which will disappear once the novel is complete, or I sell a Film Script. (or get a Network Engineering job or sell a painting ... or something). Then it will be the next project where I will race against the diminishing bank account once again. Of course, I do look around for other things which will make ends meet. Something with little to no brain work. A night fill position, or video store clerk. An easy survival job to keep the stomach full while continuing writing the novels and films. It certainly beats my old lifestyle. Stress, vomitting blood, having my Doctor constaintly telling me to quit my job or else I would DIE! (Like, that doesn't add to the stress!) I guess I am still having one small difficulty. University starts again next week, so back to studying. Time to follow the advice in the Bible, and "keep my eye on the prize". Of course, in the modern world, we all have a number of prizes we chase. That's because we all need to learn to multitask (and being a man, it means I am not too good at that!) :-) In my case, I probably don't have as many things to do ... look for some work to add a few bucks to the bank balance, get my assignments in on time, and GET THAT DARN NOVEL FINISHED! hee hee. There's probablya few other things in there as well. Feed myself, remember to go to bed some time, keep myself washed, and rememebr to entertain my brother and mother occassinally. We had a good session of Italian tonight. I actually made a mistake, and my mother corrected me. It made her feel pretty good. With her struggling though, we decided to drop the French lessons, and we're going to teach her Italian everynight. This will help her memory, and hopefully also make her learn quicker. Once she has Italian down, we'll then go back and teach her French. In the meantime, she is continuing her Indonesian lessons by herself. It's good, as it keeps her out of my way while I am studying and writing and stuff. Tiem for me to hit the bed I think. Ciao :-)